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Fire Element: Pericardium Heart Organ Energy Meridian Essence Blend


Product Information

The heart is the most vital and sensitive organ in your body. Besides pumping blood, it generates the majority of the electromagnetic energy in the fields surrounding the body. The heart is the home of Spirit and is the center of creative expression. The pericardium is the physical sack around the heart. It is filled with a fluid that lubricates and protects the physical heart from bumps and shocks. Most energy healing systems do not approach the heart directly, but work through one of the heart protectors first. That is why our blend combines Pericardium with Heart.

The heart meridian starts under the armpit, runs along the inside of the arm and ends at the inside of the baby finger on both sides of the body. The pericardium meridian starts about 3 fingers above the nipple, up into the chest then along the inside of the arm, through the center of the palm and ends at the middle finger on both sides of the body.


Use Pericardium Heart Organ Energy Meridian (OEM) Essence Blend when you have blood circulation problems or heart-burn. Helpful when you feel heart-broken, try too hard to gain attention or feel distant and dead inside. Lack of joy and passion for life, being a workaholic or lethargic are indicators. Having difficulty being in your body, confusion about personal boundaries, and being sexually shut down or overactive in place of healthy relationships, especially if there have been sexual violations.

NOTE: This formula may be too strong for people who have had heart attacks or heart palpitations. Please use the Small Intestine or Triple Burner formulas instead.


The Pericardium Heart OEM Blend works through the energy circuits that support physical pericardium and heart functions and with the energy circuits that connect you with Spiritual heart energies through the heart and higher heart chakras. This formula strengthens your heart’s ability to generate electromagnetic fields. It supports having appropriate personal and sexual boundaries and loving respectful relationships. The Pericardium Heart blend encourages being fully embodied while joyfully and playfully circulating your creative gifts in the world. It emboldens being consciously awake with the gleam of spiritual life-force shining through your eyes.


Blood, healthy sexual relationships, emotional memory. Pericardium is heart protector.







Time when Pericardium Meridian functioning at peak energy:

7PM – 9PM

Time when Heart Meridian functioning at peak energy:

11AM to 1PM

Meridian Energy Flow:


Pericardium Heart Organ Energy Meridian Blend contains the following flower & tree essences:

Note:  Each of these essences is grounded through crystals; Pink Wild Honeysuckle, Sweet Valentine Rose and Tropical Sunset Rose also have sound imprints. Hawthorn Tree was blessed by Raven animal spirit presence. Press the link to the individual essence page for more information.

Lady's Mantle – Brings deep spiritual peace to your whole body and being by balancing the sympathetic nervous system. Calms shock to the heart.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Rose – Calibrates the unfolding of the Higher Heart chakra as it conducts higher frequency heart energy into your physical body.

Pink Wild Honeysuckle - Restores childlike joy, playfulness, innocence, and openness.  Gently instigates being enthralled with the magic in each moment.

Nootka Wild Rose - Let Divine Love blossom in your life through aligning your heart with the World Heart and the Universal Heart.

Clustered Wild Rose - Engenders strong, heartfelt, directed, compassionate, purposeful and soft feminine energy. Supports the collective world consciousness to become softer, gentler, more feminine.

Hardy Fuchsia - Breathe in universal joy through your heart and breathe out your heartfelt Joy.  Reawakens “heartapathic” communication.

Tropical Sunset Rose - Facilitates heart-felt communication circulating inside your body and outside to the larger system of the world around you.

Borage – Transforms sorrow and depression into heart-centered conscious speech.

Motherwort - Helps you remember that you are integral to the web of Life when you are caught in the illusion of separateness.  Strengthens life force from the heart.

Sweet Briar Wild Rose – Constancy with Love come rain or come shine.

Kinnikinnik – Encourages self-love and opens the back of the heart chakra.

Foxglove - All that you experience is for learning. Activate the Higher Heart by practicing forgiveness and connecting with unconditional Love.

Cottonwood Tree – Effortlessly radiate and be Love. Spread seeds of Love to the world. Grow the tree of Love by connecting roots deep in the watery, swampy soils with the warmth and Love of the Sun.  Inspires heartful harmony between species – those under the water and those under the sun.  

Pacific Bleeding Heart - Supports compassion for yourself and others. Wrap your self in the pink light of Divine Love, let go of fear, and be safely at peace in your Heart’s Home.

Hawthorn Tree – Shapeshift your creative process when blocks get in the way. Instead of falling into anger and confusion, use intense spiritually aligned intention to create what you want.

Sweet Valentine - Works through all of the energy fields out to the 9th layer boundary soothing intrusions, irritations and disturbances.  Strengthening the connection of the heart chakra through all of the energy fields, and engenders forgiveness. Has a grounding influence.

Cooley's Hedge Nettle - Sorting emotionally from a place of higher consciousness.  Honoring all parties in the dynamic as spirit having a human experience. Initiates the process of the endocrine glands coming into balanced.

Spirea - Pull down your protections and live from your heart with compassionate equanimity. Balances all of the chakras, the cerebral spinal fluid and the cranial bones after an expansion experience.

Fireweed - A powerful transformer and healer! Initiates shifting personally and collectively from a male dominant, power over paradigm to a more feminine loving, joyful, nurturing, in-harmony-with-nature paradigm.

Rosa Rugosa - Inspires hope, optimism and resilience during the ups and downs of life.

Skullcap – Facilitates full integration of the spirit/soul with the physical body. Keeps the tether between spirit and body securely connected during out-of-body journeying.

Thimbleberry- Cultivates engaging daily life with joy and gratitude without being attached to the circumstances or a specific outcome.

Evergreen Huckleberry – Transforms the disheartened malaise of joyless stress into engaging life with curiosity, enthusiasm and deep stillness. Releases feeling overly responsible for things.

Mullein – Provides courage and tenderness while facing fear and overwhelm. Aligns the physical and etheric bodies.

Grandmother Big Leaf Maple Tree - Encourages you to relax into a sense of complete calm, safety and serenity with Grandmother with outstretched arms surrounding, protecting and nurturing you.

Alumroot – Be willing to share your unique gifts whole-heartedly from a deep knowing that you are safe, even when you feel exposed to your core.

Golden Celebration Rose – Illumines a column of golden light through the center of your body, creating protection from the inside out.  Now Celebrate Life!!

Fairy Rose – Inspires conscious divine play with friends.

Trailing Blackberry - With an open heart, joyfully serve yourself and others through compassionately speaking the full conviction of your perceived truth.

Garry Oak Tree – Ancient wisdom for knowing how to journey through alternate dimensions in a healthy and cohered way, then returning to ordinary reality with ease.

Red Clover- Encourages peaceful ease while stepping into expanded states of consciousness and transforms lower frequency emotions in the way.

Energetically Charged in a Crystal Matrix of:

Drusy Quartz –Energizes and stabilizes your energy fields.

Golden Topaz – Activates manifesting your desires in accordance with your highest good, while respecting the desires and boundaries of those around you.

Green Heulandite – Strengthens the physical heart and the body’s electromagnetic fields. Soothes the emotional body and supports emotional healing from trauma. Fosters compassionate, loving, joyful and blissful state of consciousness.

Nirvana Quartz - Teaches you that situations you experienced as stopping your growth were actually key in tempering your spirit. They helped your unique wisdom to be honed through life’s journey.

Pink Sapphire – Opens your heart to the joy of interacting with kindness, forgiveness and love. Encourages vulnerability with appropriate boundaries. Balances blood metabolism.

Rhodochrosite – With a courageous heart, gently aids with healing past wounds, rediscovering self-love and embracing joy.

Rhodonite - carries the qualities of love, compassion, and generosity. It supports you to recognize and clarify your gifts, and to use them for the highest good in service to others and our Mother Earth.

Rose Quartz – Encourages gentleness, emotional healing, and uniting with the Divine; it shifts your body from a stress-based physiology to a higher frequency Love-based physiology.


Spray top: 1 or 2 sprays orally 2 or 3 times per day.
Dropper top: 2 or 3 drops 2 or 3 times per day.

Pericardium Heart Organ Energy Meridian Essence Blend can be used by people who are sensitive to scents because it is made without essential oils.
Click here for more information on the red shiso and vinegar preservative base.

Pericardium Heart Organ Energy Meridian Blend (30 ml/ 1 ounce bottle):

Product Code: PERJ10


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