April 2005: April Fool, The Seeker: Bleeding Heart

The revised website is up! April Fools!! But it is close.

April Fool’s Day has its root in ancient medieval European, Roman and perhaps even East Indian springtime festivals that honor misrule, mayhem and practical jokes. A part of the legend is to send someone on a fool’s journey, a useless errand without purpose.

April Fool, The Seeker: Bleeding Heart

The Tarot Fool card has clear connections to the medieval Fool or Court Jester. In modern Tarot, the Fool represents being carefree, impulsive, spontaneous, enthusiastic, and frivolous. The Fool steps out into the unknown without fear or caution, isn’t brave, but has no fear.

A friend – and our website designer – Joanna Powell Colbert, has designed a Gaian Tarot deck.

Here is what she says about her Fool card:

This Fool is much more a Seeker than a Clown or Jester. She begins a journey, taking a moment to contemplate the road ahead before setting off down the hillside. She travels lightly, carrying all that she needs in her bundle. She has embroidered a butterfly on the back of her vest, signifying her delight in taking wing and setting out on her own path.

Sometimes life may seem like a fool’s journey, meandering with unknown purpose. However, seeing yourself as a seeker gives more substance and meaning to the process. Often setting out on a journey of self-discovery can feel challenging, especially when others see your path as a fool’s journey. Bleeding Heart Flower Essence is an ally to carry in your knapsack.

Black Gooseberry

Bleeding Heart (Dicentra spectabilis and Dicentra formosa)
Supports compassion for yourself during challenging or stressful situations. Aids the process of shifting from wanting to change another person or situation to realizing you can only change yourself and your reactions to situations.

Bleeding Heart says of itself:

I AM compassion pouring forth from an open, Light-filled heart soaring effortlessly into new insight.

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