December 2012: Enlighten Your Life

Enlighten Your Life

Introducing the NEW! EnLighten Flower Essence & Aromatherapy Mister. This Mister is the highest frequency yet Earthy, heart opening while grounding, joyfully calming and robust mister ever made at Tree Frog Farm. The essential oils are: white sage, ylang ylang, rosewood, clary sage and Canadian red cedar. The scent is divine, soft, yummy, rosy, sweetly earthy and enlivening. Garnet Hollyhock is one of the key flower essences in this blend and is the featured essence for December.

Garnet HollyhockGarnet Hollyhock

Garnet Hollyhock Flower Essence initiates the potential for the higher heart chakra (that is just below the collarbones in front and approximately at T3 vertebrae in back) to become a gateway for direct communication with the Galactic heart center. In the same way that the heart pulses the flow of blood through the human body, the Galactic Center pulses the flow of consciousness expanding time waves through the Milky Way Galaxy. Each of these waves introduces a higher frequency vibration that upgrades human consciousness. Garnet Hollyhock Essence initiates you into the current frequency shifts and supports you to live from this expanded higher heart-centered awareness. Garnet Hollyhock essence activates higher heart consciousness during meditation, heart-centered chanting or guided meditation, while playing crystal bowls, and other high frequency spiritually heart-centered activities.

As Garnet Hollyhock Flower Essence says of itself:

I AM connection to the heart center of the Milky Way Galaxy.

For more information about Self Heal Flower Essence crystals that energetically grounded this essence–amber, azeztulite, blue aragonite, danburite, drusy quartz, icosahedron quartz, moldavite and smokey quartz with chlorite inclusions–go to the link below.

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EnLighten Flower Essence & Aromatherapy Mister

Enlighten yourself and enlighten your life! Bathe yourself with Spiritual Light. Openheartedly fill your body and mind with this Light.

Step out of the mental chatter of your day- to-day mind. Step in to the quiet of your higher mind. Settle into peaceful meditation.

Let Divine Love Blossom in your life! Attune your heart higher heart chakra with the World and Universal Hearts.

Remember you are a spiritual being. You have access to your Higher Wisdom in every moment.

Bask in peace and joy that radiates from your Being. Be at peace within yourself.

The essences, essential oils and crystals combine to create the most sacred aromatherapy blend we offer here at Tree Frog Farm. It is wonderful for this sacred holy days season and any time of year. Use any time you want to clear your mind for meditation, open your heart with your Beloved, or bask in the peaceful joy of your Being.

Spray this blend in the air around you. Breathe it in deeply and feel yourself elevated to higher consciousness.

For more information about the EnLighten Flower Essence & Aromatherapy Mister, go to the link below.

» More information on EnLighten Flower Essence & Aromatherapy Mister

This holiday season, Englighten yourself — and some of your friends and family — with this sacred new aromatherapy mister.

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