February 2006: Grounding Into Your Body: Dwarf Rose

Clary SageIn the coastal Pacific Northwest we are in the wonderful season of late winter/early spring.  Blustery, rainy, glad-to-be-inside days follow almost warm, sunny, gotta-get-my hands-in-the-garden-dirt days.  This year plants are waking up from their winter slumber several weeks earlier than usual. Even dwarf rose, which usually leaves out in March, has leaf buds already.

Grounding Into Your Body: Dwarf Rose

Dwarf Wild Rose (Rosa gymnocarpa) is a US Pacific Northwest native rosebush. The flowers are small and pale-pink; the fruit is small orange to scarlet pear-shaped hips that often persist through winter. Indigenous peoples drank a tea of the leaves and twigs as a tonic and the outer rind of the hips was eaten sparingly.

Dwarf Rose Flower Essence aligns and balances the cerebral spinal fluid, which releases pressure along the spine and around the brain. When you feel lightheaded or foggy-headed, ungrounded or out-of-body, have backaches or headaches from the storms of life, Dwarf Rose Flower Essence helps you come to center and ground into the earth of your body.

Dwarf Rose says of itself:

I AM centered, grounded embodiment.

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