Flash Sale – The Vibrational Healing Wisdom of Flowers

The essences that were chosen for this flash sale deeply resonate a need for healing old wounds and protecting your energy from depletion (whether intentional or unintentional) by others.

Sometimes we can get worn down without any explanation for why we are feeling this way. This can lead to confusion, irritability, and general feelings of un-wellness. When we are depleted, we are more susceptible to dis-ease. Our immune systems become compromised if we are perpetually being worn down leading to autoimmune deficiencies. These conditions are luckily completely reversible if you practice self-care and maintain your energy field. Science is beginning to understand and take notice of this as well. Our immune systems are of the upmost importance to staying healthy. When we experience trauma, it is a shock to our systems. These emotional or physical experiences leave an imprint. We can shift this slowly with vibrational healing. 🙂

Taking care to make sure that you are protecting and maintaining your own wellbeing will ensure that the care you’re giving or offering others is from a full well of deep love of Self. Self-care can be anything that builds you up, that gives you joy, and fills your spiritual body with acknowledgement, love, and joy of Self.

Love and Light, Rhaychell

This Flash Sale ends on Monday so don’t wait!

Osoberry Essence


Osoberry (oemleria cerasiformis) – aligns you with the ability to embody your multi-dimensional soul purpose for this lifetime while staying grounded, centered, energized, and calmly focused amidst the various activities and responsibilities of your daily life. Encourages self-care to maintain your physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing during this process.

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Dwarf Wild Rose Essence

Dwarf Wild Rose

Dwarf Wild Rose (Rosa gymnocarpa) – works through the cerebral spinal fluid shifting wave patterns that perpetuate emotional, mental, and body habits that are no longer useful. Teaches new wave patterns that support more ease in staying grounded, centered, and balanced, with mental clarity and emotional peace.

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Hot Tamale Rose Essence

Hot Tamale Rose

Hot Tamale Rose (Rosa “Hot Tamale”) – supports staying grounded and centered while riding the transformational roller coaster now and in the years ahead. It’s time-coded to support body and mind as you adjust to these shifting frequencies into the future.

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Echinacea Essence


Echinacea (Echinacea purpurea) – breaks up whatever is holding you back, and impulses letting go of old self-images that stagnate your energies and create dis-ease. Supports transition into new ways of being as you interface with your daily world.

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Iris Essence


Iris (Iris germanica) – Keeps the torus of electromagnetic energy around your body stable and connected with Earth and Spirit when you are in a disruptive environment and channels that connect to the cellular level.

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Arnica Essence


Arnica (Arnica chamissonis) – Relieves physical or emotional shock locked in the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual bodies. Encourages a balanced response and harmonized ability to integrate wisdom and energetic realignment from shocking experiences.

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Black Cohosh Essence

Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa) – supports a playful approach to body changes accompanying aging or the spiritual maturation process by facilitating energetic realignment and improved communication within the body.

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Cherry Festival Tree Peony Essence

Cherry Festival Tree Peony

Cherry Festival Tree Peony (Peaonia ‘Cherry Festival’) – helps to gently dissolve the ‘scab’ over wounds of the heart from difficult life learning experiences, and aids in recognizing that these experiences were key to the development of your unique wisdom.

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Cooley’s Hedge Nettle Essence

Cooley’s Hedge Nettle

Cooley’s Hedge Nettle (Stachys cooleyae) – Live life from an internal orientation of playful joy, knowing that we are all spirit having a human experience. With this understanding from higher consciousness, accept and honor each person in a relationship or situation even if the dynamic is difficult. Brings the endocrine system into balance.

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Calendula Essence


Calendula (Calendula officinalis) – Provides a sense of peaceful safety by creating heart-centered strong energetic boundaries electrically grounded into the Earth. Filters psychic intrusion.

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We are truly enjoying the opportunity to hand pick a quartz crystal to send out to everyone in their packages so far this month! We hope you love getting them as much as we have enjoyed gifting them as part of our Customer Appreciation month.

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We are truly enjoying the opportunity to hand pick a quartz crystal to send out to everyone in their packages so far this month! We hope you love getting them as much as we have enjoyed gifting them as part of our Customer Appreciation month.