January 2005: Starting a New Year

Happy New Year! May this year bring a confident, peaceful joy for each of you and for the world!

As we enter this new year, it seems appropriate to introduce two of our new essences which support the intentions and resolutions you may have for the new year. Watch our website in the coming months where another 13 new essences will be introduced.

Starting a New Year

Coltsfoot (Petasites palmatus), also known as Western coltsfoot or Butterbur, is native to the US Pacific Northwest. It is a perennial with slender creeping rhizomes and deeply divides leaves. The 5 to 6 inch long flower stalk announces Spring before the leaves show. The small ray flowers are whitish to pinkish, with many heads on glandular stalks. Coltsfoot grows in wet forests, thickets, swamps and streamsides. Medicinally coltsfoot has been used to soothe chest problems, sore throat and stomach ulcers. When I was making this essence, I could hardly keep my legs still for all of the energy coursing through them.

Coltsfoot says of itself:

Like a colt kicking up its heals in the meadow, frees an exuberant joy for being alive and learning new things.

I AM unbridled joy for new adventures.

Crocosmia (Crocosmia masoniorum) is native to tropical and southern Africa and related to freesia. Drought tolerant crocosmia grows from corms, has sword-shaped leaves from basal clumps and brilliant orange–crimson flowers on long arching stalks. It is a striking garden perennial and the long leaves provide mulch and cover for small critters during the winter. I’ve been drawn to this plant for years and am excited to finally be able to hold the energy needed to make this essence.

Crocosmia says of itself:

Inspires playful confidence with yourself, in groups and in the larger arena of your life. 2nd & 5th Chakras.

I AM confidence radiating out in all directions. Read more about the Crocosmia Flower Essence here.


All of us at Tree Frog Farm wish you a peaceful New Year. We are happy to be available to answer your questions about our products during our regular business hours – Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm Pacific Time.