January 2008: Held in Grandmother’s Arms

Grandmother Big Leaf MapleIn the late months of winter when the days slowing lengthen and the dark cold still lingers, our ancestors would sit around the fire and tell stories. All age groups were together. I imagine grandmothers holding the little children while both scary and funny stories were told.  Each of us is like the tribe of old with children, adults and grandparents listening to the stories our mind tells. Sometimes in the dark of winter the mind remembers the scary stories of our lives.  Some are stories that happened to us, some we have heard from our parents, friends or the media. When these stories take hold, or when life feels dark and cold, it is wonderful to be snuggled into grandmother’s arms.

Held in Grandmother’s Arms

For several years I wanted to make the Big Leaf Maple Tree Essence.  I would walk down the road to the nature preserve and sit with or talk with the tree. This very old maple tree is over 100 feet tall and 80 feet wide. She provides shelter for snowberry and osoberry bushes and young western red cedar trees to grow. I called her grandmother maple because she also comforted and nurtured me in a caring grandmotherly way. I would nestle into a crouch in the trunk and be held for hours. Last spring when she was in bloom, I received the call.  It was time to make the essence.  As I was setting up the bottles and crystals, I realized that I was sensing two presences, the universal Spirit (plant spirit or deva) of big leaf maple tree and the spirit of the individual tree (fawn). Both imbued their frequencies into the essence.  In my experience, it is very unusual for a tree fawn to directly become a part of an essence. The wise and gentle fawn that inhabits this tree brings the energy of “Grandmother” to this essence.

Use Grandmother Big Leaf Maple Tree Essence when you feel raw, jarred by life experiences, vulnerable, unsafe, unable to settle for fear of something happening to you or when the demands of life seem like too much to handle. This essence is also helpful when you are experiencing rapid spiritual growth that is unsettling to you physically and emotionally. Grandmother Big Leaf Maple Tree Essence assists you to relax and reconnect to feelings of safety and serenity, like a child that is being held and nurtured by a loving grandmother.

As Grandmother Big Leaf Maple Tree Essence says of itself:

I AM nurturing, peace and safety surrounding you with loving grandmotherly arms.

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