January 2011: Welcome to this Amazing New World!

On the Winter Solstice a group of 12 women met at a most amazing property owned by one of the participants. It is on a mountain slope above a lake where many people have homes. We stood on the land in the moist, lush woods by a beautiful waterfall – see ferns, moss covered logs, giant cedar trees. We drummed, sang to the Spirits of the land and to the Spirit Guides of all of us there. We made intentions, placed rose quartz crystals around a sacred area, laughed, cried, prayed and played. Then shared food and conversation. Several of us remembered being together in a previous lifetime. During that time we had to travel for days and meet secretly in a cave so we would not be discovered sharing our rituals. On Tuesday, we gave thanks for being able to gather so freely without fear of persecution. None of us took this for granted. From being persecuted and killed in many previous lifetimes, most of went through much fear and soul searching before we were willing to expose ourselves as healers, intuitives and medicine makers. Now all of us feel safe to share our gifts during the massive and rapid changes that are occurring now. How about you? Are you willing to expose yourself to fully share the gifts that you came in to offer this lifetime?

Welcome to this Amazing New World!

Alumroot Flower Essence

Alumroot Flower EssenceSmall-flowered alumroot is a Pacific Northwest native perennial that grows 6 to 24 inches tall. It is usually found in stream-banks, rock crevices, and mossy talus slopes from low to subalpine elevations. In these areas it helps with erosion control and creates a more hospitable soil environment for other plants to grow. Alumroot has bright green leaves and grows in clumps with very small, white flowers in open clusters on slender reddish stems. Leaves and root can be used medicinally for sore gums and throat, liver issues, stomach pain, chaffing and blisters.

On the flower essence level, Alumroot Essence shines when you feel afraid to show people who you really are. Alumroot Essence reassures you that it is safe this lifetime to show your true gifts and talents – like midwifery, herbalism, spiritual healing, or channeling – even if you have been persecuted or killed in past lives for sharing them. Yes, in some parts of the world and during this process of shifting to higher consciousness, it is wise to use discernment about showing who your really are to certain people. As an example, I don’t bring out my rattle and channel plant spirits in front of the more conservative people on our island. Yet, I am readily accepted as the lady who makes plant “something” in little bottles. Alumroot Essence supports developing this kind of discernment. It is also helpful for times when you feel like you are exposing yourself to possible criticism or failure, like with public speaking, singing or other performance arts. Another gift of alumroot Essence is to support you when you feel exposed from hanging on the edge of new discoveries about yourself, your life, or your spiritual process. In short, Alumroot Flower Essence encourages you to safely express your outrageous, audacious, forthright, gifted self even when you feel exposed.

As Alumroot Flower Essence says of itself:

I AM willingness to share my gifts even when I feel exposed to the core.

For more information on Alumroot Flower Essence and the amber, black onyx, blue apatite, icoshedron cut quartz, Lemurian jade, red aventurine, sodalite, white & red stilbite, and drusy quartz crystals that energetically grounded this essence while it was being made, go to the link below.

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Welcome To Our (New) World Essence Spray

Alumroot flower essence is a new addition to the Welcome To Our World Essence Blend. It strengthens willingness to shine your authentic self in your daily life. If you find it difficult to live on Earth now, if you feel out of sync with our current culture and negative frequencies, Welcome to Our World gently supports you to live fully in your body. Instead of disengaging from life, it empowers you to navigate the current frequencies and orients you to the higher frequencies that are creating the New Earth.

As the song says “The times, they are a changing.” Transition towns are springing up all over the world. (http://transitionnetwork.org/) Even here on little Lummi Island, some of us are starting a Transition group. In our county, the local food coop and other organizations are funding and training new farmers in exchange for giving their first year produce to the local food bank. Our more moderate Congregational Christian Church has a labyrinth on the grounds and is considering hosting a drumming circle. These are BIG changes in our community!

Welcome To Our World helps you to experience how the new reality is showing up where you live. It encourages you to share you gifts and talents, with discernment, in support of this amazing new world knowing that you are safe this lifetime. And it is gentle enough to also welcome babies, children, and teens to Earth.

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Welcome to this amazing new world, being created with you in mind!

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