January 2017: Manifest with Confidence

Happy New Year!! January is a wonderful time for focusing on what you want to create this year. The newly lengthening light of day encourages inspiration during the remaining dark days. In the U.S. we are entering an unsettled and uncertain time. It is easy to fall inward, feel hopeless and turn away from all that is happening. Conversely, it is also easy to get sucked into fear or lash out in anger. It is challenging to stand with clarity in these times, yet this is the great opportunity before us.

What do you want for yourself, your family, your community now? What will feed your joy and the well-being of others? How can each of us facilitate caring and compassionate actions? What is one thing you can change to make a difference? One simple thing we are doing here at Tree Frog Farm is switching to eco-friendly packaging.

This month I am introducing the upgraded Manifest Life Process Essence Blend. Hawthorn Tree Essence was made a few years ago and Sunflower is a new essence made last summer. Both of these add emotional strength and enhanced creativity to support you in new or continuing endeavours. I’ve paired the Manifest Blend with Golden Armor Aromatherapy and Flower Essence Mister so you can feel protected while engaging the challenges of life with joy. Golden Celebration Rose is the quintessential essence in the Golden Armor Mister. All of these are on special during the month of January.

P.S. Yes! Magazine is a resource that I value for inspiration and ideas.

InJoy, Diana

Sunflower Flower Essence

sunflowerSunflower Flower Essence invites you to orient toward the sun! It shifts emotions and thoughts from dark and gloomy, down in the dumps, to looking up with a bright and sunny expression. It works well for children (and adults) shifting temper tantrums to happy feelings.

Sunflower Essence encourages you to self-reference instead of comparing yourself to others. It is about believing in yourself, and your innate joyful vibrant nature. It stimulates you to reorient from an attitude of lack to your ability, your will to create as a multidimensional human being.

As Sunflower Flower Essence says of itself:

I AM orienting toward the sun for manifesting a vibrant, joyful life.

For more information about Sunflower Flower Essence and the crystals that energetically grounded this essence – amber, citrine, drusy quartz, fire agate, golden barite geode, golden (yellow) calcite, golden topaz, icosahedron cut quartz, quartz points (clear), sunstones, and yellow fluorite – go to the link below.

» More Information on Sunflower Flower Essence

Hawthorn Tree Essence

hawthornHawthorn Tree Essence is amazing when you are stuck in your creative process, especially when confusion, frustration and anger arise, or when you want to give up and quit. It is supportive when you want to create something different with your life, but feel powerless to take action.

Hawthorn Tree Essence calls you to own your emotional strength to create. It invites you to shape-shift your creative process with clear, intense conviction by raising your frequency to transform anger and frustration into compassionate creative action. Hawthorn Tree Essence reminds you that each experience is a growth opportunity, a way to hone your spirit and your wisdom. Whether you are working on an art, business or garden project, are organizing around community or political issues, or are recreating your life, Hawthorn will be your ally.

As Hawthorn Tree Essence says of itself:

I AM spiritual aligned intention to create my life.

For more information about Hawthorn Tree Essence and the crystals that energetically grounded this essence – amber, azurite, drusy quartz, icosahedron cut quartz, nirvana quartz, pink calcite, rhodonite, rose quartz and sunstone – go to the link below.

» More Information on Hawthorn Tree Essence

Golden Celebration Rose Flower Essence

golden-celebration-roseGolden Celebration Rose Flower Essence helps to soften your armor against the outside world by illuminating your golden column of light at the center of your body. This creates protection from the inside out and opens a safe heart-filled place from which you can engage life with enthusiasm. It invites you to throw open the windows and breathe in deep peace and joy, and to lovingly resonate in harmony with the sweet song of the Universe. Now Celebrate Life!!

As Golden Celebration Rose Flower Essence says of itself:

I AM the celebration of heart-centered peace, joy and harmony in the midst of Life.

For more information about Golden Celebration Rose Flower Essence and the crystals that energetically grounded this essence – amber, azurite, drusy quartz, golden Lumarian seed crystal, golden topaz, icosahedron quartz, Inca jade, peach moonstone, Peruvian pink opal, sunstones, and white and red stilbite quartz – go to the link below.

» More Information on Golden Celebration Rose Flower Essence

Manifest Life Process Essence Blend

manifest life process blendCreate what you want to manifest! The upgraded Manifest Essence Blend helps you come into alignment with the highest purpose for your current process or project. It assists you to move through the following steps and stages:

• Believe in your ability, as a multidimensional human being, to manifest

• Become clear about what you want to create

• See what stands in your way

• Align your thinking, emotions and body with what you want

• When you encounter blocks and slowdowns use spiritually aligned intention to break through

• Move past family lineage and societal conditioning

• Remember who you really are and why you want to engage in this process or project

• Transfer ideas and intentions from outside of time into grounded action within time. This includes developing specific measurable goals with a timeline

• Regularly affirm your intentions and goals by reading them, ritual, etc.

• Relax, trust and create with confidence, gentleness, joy and gratitude

• Yet, be willing to let go of your plans and flow with what is unfolding. Sometimes your conscious mind isn’t aware of the bigger picture that your higher dimensional aspects are in the process of revealing

• Say thank you and graciously receive what you, as a multi-dimensional Being, have create.

For more information about the Manifest Life Process Essence Blend, the flower and tree essences in it and the amethyst & citrine spirit quartz, drusy quartz, golden topaz, Inca jade (Green Nephrite) and ruby that energetically charged it – go to the link below.

» More Information on Manifest Life Process Essence Blend

Golden Armor Aromatherapy & Flower Essence Mister

goldenarmorInvites you to feel safe in the outside world. Pull down your armor & let people & impressions in without feeling overwhelmed or unsafe. Great for children, teens and adults who are sensitive to energies of other people and to their physical surroundings.

Create appropriate boundaries with the true protection of your Light from within. Relax and engage life with joy!

Helps your body/mind to sort and integrate sensory information while staying grounded, centered and settled in your body. Useful anywhere there is high stimulus such as school, on the job, at shopping malls or while traveling.

Flower Essences:

Golden Celebration Rose, Devil’s Club, Spirea, Pennyroyal, Twinflower

Essential Oils:

Roman Chamomile, Sweet Birch, Vetiver

For more information about Golden Armor and the crystals that energetically charged it – amazonite, drusy quartz, black tourmaline and golden topaz – go to the link below.

» More Information on Golden Armor Aromatherapy & Flower Essence Mister

This month, get creative with your life! Imagine what you want and go for it!

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