July 2006: In the Summertime of Life: Black Cohosh

Meadow RueOur gardens are in full colorful summertime bloom, and the black cohosh plants are unfurling into their white bottle-brush glory. Black cohosh is one my favorite plants, so majestic and tall.  Even before the blossoms open, visitors to our labyrinth garden often ask about the spikes of little white balls rising above robust green foliage.

In the Summertime of Life: Black Cohosh

Summer is a time of maturing. Annual plants are reaching their full potential. Perennials are fully leafed; most are blooming and some have already finished.  Many of us find ourselves in the summer of our lives. Like the recent shift in our weather to hot and dry (by Pacific Northwest standards), we wake up one morning and realize that it is no longer spring.

Many of us in our summertime years begin to feel that we are aging. We’ve actually been aging since we were born, but now we feel it. Unfamiliar and sometimes uncomfortable changes happen in our physical bodies. Gray hairs don’t know how to behave, eyes squint to read the phone book held at arms length, and “hot flash” becomes an everyday word.

Regardless of age or gender, it may take our bodies a while to adjust to our spiritual process.  Symptoms such as feeling buzzy, out of body, having headaches or trouble focusing, having a “shattered” nervous system or being wired/tired are as much a part of bringing higher frequencies into our bodies as they are of menopause.

Black cohosh, a perennial medicinal herb that likes shady rich woodland sites, is native to Eastern North America. Black Cohosh root is best known for providing hormone balance and relief from hot flashes, headaches and mood swings during menopause. It has become so popular for this purpose that it is now an “At Risk” plant due to over-harvesting in the wild, according to United Plant Savers. In addition to being a wonderful medicinal herb, it is also a delight in the garden. Black cohosh plants are available at our Tree Frog Farm nursery. (Local sales only).

As a flower essence black cohosh helps you respond to your body changes with lightness of Being.

Black Cohosh says of itself:

I am ease with physical body changes during spiritual maturation and aging.

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