July 2010: Karmic Independence: All Is For Learning

What an amazing time!  For many of us memories of past heart-wrenching experiences are surfacing much faster than ever before. For some of my clients, and for me, this is happening weekly or even daily.  Each time provides an opportunity to practice forgiveness toward others and yourself, and to release related karmic impressions. The clearer you become, the more you attune to the Higher Heart energies of Unconditional Love. If you are experiencing sensation just below the center knobs of your collar bones, that is likely your Higher Heart chakra asking for your attention as it opens and expands.

Karmic Independence: All Is For Learning

On June 26, 2010 a full moon lunar eclipse with a Grand Cross planetary alignment fueled the fire for humans to connect to our full potential and to Universal Love. The old ways of life are over now, the ideas that created these ways are dying, and a great Transformation is occurring.  Individually, this process impulses you to let go of remnants of your past that are holding you back. Step away from old dramas, practice forgiveness, and grow into your full potential. As this happens for each of us, it supports the collective shift. The influence of the Grand Cross planetary alignment is beautifully explained in the following YouTube.  If the Melchizedek-style language used in this YouTube does not resonate with you, please sense beneath the words to the heart of the message.


This month I’ve selected 6 essences that work well together to actively engage the current potential. Foxglove Flower Essence was made last summer but waited until now – at this extraordinarily potent time just after a Grand Cross full moon lunar eclipse – to be introduced. It is the featured essence this month.

Foxglove Flower Essence

Foxglove is native to Europe and grows easily throughout most of North America.  It is a pioneer species that helps to hold the soil after an area has been disturbed. Foxglove is highly toxic. However, when used properly it can be an effective medicine. The heart medicine digitalis is made from foxglove.

On the flower essence level, Foxglove Flower Essence reminds us that all experience is for learning. It encourages you to inoculate the seed of the Higher Heart, by practicing forgiveness. Then, jumpstart your Higher Heart through connecting with the primordial unconditional fire of Love, fire of Creation.

As Foxglove Flower Essence says of itself:

I AM activation of the Higher Heart through forgiveness and unconditional Love.

The Foxglove Flower Essence was made by the no-pick method of working directly with the plant spirit. The flowers did not touch the fluid in the mother bottles, so there is no possible toxic affect. For more information on Foxglove Flower Essence and the amber, rhodonite, rhodochrosite, rose quartz and drusy quartz crystals that energetically grounded this essence while it was being made, go to the link below.

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Karmic Independence: All is for Learning Set of 6 Essences

The six essences in this set work together to light the fire of your karmic independence. They instill knowing that all is for learning, rising above holding onto old hurts, letting go of old genetic patterns, remembering lessons learned and who you really are, forgiving and stepping away from drama. Then you can joyfully live your full potential through alignment with your Higher Heart and Universal Unconditional Love.

Foxglove: All that you experience is for learning. Inoculate the seed of the Higher Heart by practicing forgiveness. Then, jumpstart the Higher Heart through connecting with the primordial unconditional fire of Love, fire of Creation.

Indian Pipe: Activates rising above grudges and conflicts. Encourages you to access forgiveness, embody the lessons and step away from the drama. This process engenders personal peace.

Bloodroot: Nudges out physical, emotional, mental and spiritual genetic lineage patterns of forgetting who you really are to make way for the light of new potential.

Moon Shadow Rose: Instead of chasing shadows of your past, release them and be open up to the lessons that can be gleaned.

Purple Passion Rose: Supports consciously transmuting interwoven karmic patterns and assists fulfilling your current life purpose.

Nootka Rose: Let Divine Love blossom in your life through aligning your heart with the World Heart and the Universal Heart.

While people celebrate our nation’s independence, celebrate your Karmic Independence! Click on the link below.

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