June 2009: Ancient Wisdom: Grand Fir Tree

Grand Fir Tree“Oh, my god, there just isn’t enough time!” Ever catch yourself thinking or speaking these words? I do. Then I pause, breathe and remember that it is possible to operate outside of 3rd dimensional linear time. However, our cultural conditioning and our “monkey brain” tell us over and over that time is limited. For us here at Tree Frog Farm, spring and summer are not hazy, lazy days. They are very full with gardening, making new essences, and numerous classes and events in addition to our regular year-’round happenings. It is easy to forget that time is fluid. By shifting your focus to a place of higher consciousness, the 3 tree essences of this month’s set support moving out of feeling overwhelmed and constricted by time, while staying firmly grounded in the Earth plane. They also support meditation and spiritual journeying. Grand Fir Tree Essence was made in June of last year and it is the featured essence this month.

Grand Fir Tree Essence

Grand fir grows in dry to moist slopes and river flats at low to middle elevations in the Cascade mountains and coastal ranges of the Pacific Northwest. It reaches its largest size on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington. It is often co-dominant with Douglas fir trees. One way to identify the grand fir tree is by the needles; they are usually spread horizontally exposing the upper and lower sides of the branches. By contrast, Douglas fir tree needles create a bottlebrush effect around the branches. Grand firs have small pollen cones and large seed cones that stay connected to the tree. Coastal indigenous peoples used the wood for fuel, bark for canoes and dyes, and branches for incense, headdresses and ceremonial costumes. Tea from needles was made for colds, and tea of grand fir, red alder and western hemlock bark for internal injuries.

As an essence, Grand Fir Tree works in the energy circuits that relate to the pre-frontal cortex of the brain. Also known as the god-brain, this region of the brain is located in your forehead above your eyebrows. Imaging studies show that it is active during meditation and spiritual experiences. The god-brain transcends individuality and seeks oneness with All-That-Is. It experiences time as non-linear, flowing forward, backward or not existing. Grand Fir Tree Essence encourages you to keep your attention present and focused while experiencing time as fluid.

As Grand Fir Tree Essence says of itself:

I AM focused presence experiencing oneness with All-That-Is.

For more information on Grand Fir Tree Essence and the amber, amethyst, garnet, moldavite, tiger’s eye, and drusy quartz that energetically grounded this essence while it was being made, go to the link below.

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June’s set of 3 Tree Essences:
Ancient Wisdom: Oneness with Everything and Rooted in the Earth

The 3 tree essences of this month’s set support operating outside of linear time while staying firmly grounded in the Earth plane. They assist you to open to new potential in the flow of possibilities instead of falling into habits of limited thinking by shifting your focus to a place of higher consciousness. They also support meditation and spiritual journeying.

Grand Fir Tree: Encourages presence, focus and attention outside of time. It helps you to transcend individuality and seek oneness with Everything.

Garry Oak Tree: Ancient wisdom for knowing how to journey through alternate dimensions in a healthy and cohered way, then returning to ordinary reality with ease.

Western Red Cedar Tree: Supports the process of developing spiritual spine and the connection from the iron core of Mother Earth to the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Lifts your head above the clouds of illusion in the collective human consciousness and encourages the capacity of seeing with discernment.

Generally take 1 or 2 drops (drops not dropperfuls) of the essences in this set orally 2 to 3 times per day directly from the bottle or added to a glass of drinking water. If you know that you are sensitive to essences or other energy modalities you may want to start at a lower amount.

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