May 2005: Grounded Clarity: Woodland Strawberry

Woodland Strawberry

This is a tumultuous time for some people I know. Relationships and what you authentically want in your life are at the forefront. As old patterns of behavior surface during this growth process, you may find yourself stuck in emotionally charged mental tape loops unable to separate thoughts from feelings. Your sleep may be disrupted and daytime thinking jumbled. Woodland strawberry is a valuable ally that brings grounded clarity to your thinking and feelings. It enables you to think clearly and feel authentically, which allows those thoughts and emotions that are no longer useful to dissipate.

Grounded Clarity

Woodland Strawberry (Fragaria vesca)

Helps to clear negative thinking and aligns your feelings and thoughts. Creates a sense of ease by separating thoughts from feelings so they can pass through your mind freely without turn into sticky emotions.

Woodland Strawberry says of itself:

I AM clear, free-flowing, authentic feelings and thoughts.

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Woodland strawberry is one of three native strawberries in this region. The coastal strawberry, F. chiloensis, and wild strawberry, F. virginiana, are the other two. At Tree Frog Farm both varieties of woodland strawberry, bracteata &crinita, are pleasing groundcovers with the former growing up to eight inches tall, the latter shorter with smaller leaves. They have a nice habit of filling-in around our larger plants and eliminating the weeds. The bright green, sharp-toothed leaves contrast well with the white five-petal flowers blooming now. The small red fruit, about the size of a pea, ripens by June and is more tart then sweet. We’ll nibble on the strawberries when we’re in the gardens but will mostly leave the berries for the birds and critters to eat.

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