May 2007: Birth, Rebirth: California Poppy

California PoppyBaby California poppies are quickly maturing in our gardens.  By the end of May, they will be blooming. I love their bright orange color and frilly leaves.

Birth, Rebirth: California Poppy

California poppy (Eschscholzia californica) California poppy (Eschscholzia californica) is a self-seeding annual that is native to western North America.  As a pioneer species that prefers sandy, open, sunny sites, it is sometimes found in vacant lots, roadsides, and in unexpected places in the garden. When a child of the indigenous Ohlone tribe was restless or unable to sleep, one or two California poppy flowers were placed beneath the bed to help relax the child.  A tincture or tea infusion can help to relieve insomnia, psychological distress, spasmodic coughing and pain from acute injury or toothache.  Externally the cut root or a salve of California poppy helps to heal cuts or scrapes.  It is gentle enough to be used by both children and adults.

As our California Poppy Flower Essence was being made, drusy quartz crystals were placed among the plants and mother bottles. Also, two California poppy petals were placed at the front of the plants to represent the opening to the birth canal and to bring in the imprint of the birthing process.  California Poppy Flower Essence is useful for addressing traumatic physical or emotional birth experiences. It can be used right after birth for mother and baby, or any time you are consciously revisiting and healing your birth process.

California Poppy Flower Essence is also a wonderful ally when you are “birthing” new ideas, actions or parts of your life. This spring, here at Tree Frog Farm, we are in the process of “rebirthing” multiple aspects of our business: a new part-time employee, revised processes, offering more classes, re-evaluating our website shopping cart, and on and on…  Even though all of this is wonderful and beneficial, I sometimes find myself angry, moody, and feeling powerless for no apparent reason. I’ve come to realize that unresolved imprints from my physical birth, and other times I’ve rebirthed my life, are influencing my current experience.  California Poppy Flower Essence is a wonderful friend and ally for this.  It supports me in returning to my calm center, releasing the glue to the past, and moving forward with vitality.  As California Poppy Flower Essence says of itself:

I AM personal power, emotional balance and uninhibited capacity to engage life.

If you are rebirthing your life this spring, or any time, California Poppy Flower Essence may be a helpful friend.

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