May 2021: Froggie Transformation

In 1976 John bought the land we call Tree Frog Farm. As he says, he had more time than money, so he dug the septic hole by hand. The water table here is high so a little “pond” of water sprung up in the bottom of the hole and the native tree frogs jumped in, frolicking in the water. As a joke he and his friends called the land, Tree Frog Farm. Frogs go through several transformations during their life cycle from an egg, to a tadpole, to a young frog halfway between a tadpole, then into to an adult frog. When we moved here together in 1999 to make transformational flower essences, I realized the name was perfect. What else could it be except Tree Frog Farm Flower Essences!

Pond at Tree Frog Farm

As each of us goes through life, we have transformational experiences. The primary times for me were leaving an abusive marriage, entering a spiritual community (then leaving it when I realized the teacher had unhealed emotional wounds that he wove into the culture of the group), and meeting John, my partner for almost 25 years now.

Living with cancer is my current transformational process. I thought I had done so much healing work for so many years that I was like an adult frog. Not! Now I feel more like I’m halfway between a tadpole and a frog! Healing with cancer is requiring me to acknowledge and release deep emotions from life that are underlying the cancer. I do this over and over every day as memories bubble to the surface. Exhausting, challenging and really good work! Maybe I’ll become a frog someday!

Tree Frog photo captured at Tree Frog Farm

What is your transformational process?

To support you in your transformational healing process, I am offering those two blends along with Spiritual Spine Essence Blend. Self-Heal, Hot Tamale Rose and Red Clover flower essences are all in our Transform Ease Blend. Electrical Systems integration has Self-Heal and Hot Tamale Rose in the formula. All are on special through May.

As you go through the roller coaster of this transformational time, support your healing process with flower essences. They will be an invaluable ally.

Transform Ease Life Process Essence Blend

Helps to shift emotional states related to metabolic imbalances such as anger and worry, to more balanced states of calm and ease with daily functioning. This blend facilitates transformational life processes. This could include life events including rapid spiritual growth, healing from deep life learning lessons, significant career changes, starting or ending a relationship or pregnancy or peri-menopause.

As you go through transformational changes, your body metabolizes differently and your ways of feeling, thinking, speaking, moving and being in the world change. You may experience flu-like symptoms, temperature swings, sweats, wired and tired, exhaustion, moodiness, headaches, dizziness, achiness, or a sense of general body stress.

Transform Ease assists you to move through and integrate these changes with ease.

For more information about the Transform Ease Blend, the flower and tree essences in it, and the amethyst, bloodstone, cavansite, chrysocolla and drusy quartz crystals that energetically charged it – click the link.

Spiritual Spine Life Process Essence Blend

Spiritual Spine supports you to stand in your power and see through the illusion of the collective fear. It is also a wonderful ally during rapid spiritual growth, to help you stay committed to the process while experiencing your multidimensional Self.

Spiritual Spine Essence Blend aligns your physical spine with the energies of spiritual spine. It encourages having the “backbone” to stay grounded during chaos, and instill a sense of courage, fortitude and flexibility during such tumultuous times. Accessing personal peace and compassionate equanimity, it aligns your chakras, and keeps you connected energetically to Mother Earth’s energy fields.

For more information about the Spiritual Spine Life Process Essence Blend, the flower and tree essences in it and the drusy quartz, golden topaz, icosahedron cut quartz, Jeffrey’s quartz, moldavite and spirit quartz (citrine with amethyst)crystals that energetically charged it – click the link.

Electrical Systems Integration Body Electric Essence Blend

Enliven your energy matrix! 

During spiritual growth it is common for body systems to be challenged. Strange symptoms may occur that don’t seem to have a cause or be related. Electrical Systems Integration is an effective ally during this process to realign the affected systems and strengthen overall electrical communication throughout the body.

Electrical System Integration (ESI) Blend enhances communication between all of the electrical circuitry in and around your body. This includes your connection to the matrix of the universal All-That-Is, energy fields, chakras, organ energy meridians, cells and nervous systems. ESI does not take the place of balancing individual chakras, organs or other systems.

For more information about the Electrical Systems Integration Essence Blend and the amazonite, aragonite, black tourmaline, copper, drusy quartz, hematite, Jeffrey quartz, sunstones and Tibetan black quartz that energetically charged it – click the link.

Self-Heal Flower Essence

Self-Heal Flower Essence aligns and balances all of the chakras, which enhances your ability to receive higher frequency energies without feeling stressed. It attunes your chakras to receive downloads of information from many realms – including angels, Illuminated Beings and the Nameless Light – and to integrate this information with ease.

Self-Heal Flower Essence also moves your body into resonance with the Earth’s electromagnetic fields and heartbeat. By working in these ways, it strengthens the energy circuits that in turn affect alignment of the spine, cerebral spinal fluid balance, and pressure in the head. These in turn bring more ease to the head, neck, back, hips and shoulders, and help you feel clearer and more grounded in your body.

As Self-Heal Flower Essence says of itself:

I AM balanced and aligned chakras that receive spiritual frequencies with ease.

For more information about Self-Heal Flower Essence, the Spirit song coming through Diana’s voice and the crystals that energetically grounded this essence – amber, azeztulite, blue aragonite, danburite, drusy quartz, icosahedron quartz, moldavite and smokey quartz with chlorite inclusions – click the link.

Hot Tamale Rose Flower Essence

Hot Tamale Rose helps you stay grounded, centered and functional while you ride your personal transformational process and the human collective evolutionary process. It is time coded to sync your body/mind with rapidly changing human, Earth and Universal frequencies. This helps you to feel more stable in your body and reach for your full heart-centered potential.

As Hot Tamale Rose Flower Essence says of itself: 

I AM grounded and centered in the midst of rapid change. 

For more information about Hot Tamale Rose Flower Essence, imprints of rattle and Spirit song coming through Diana’s voice and the amber, carnelian, drusy quartz, fire agate, Herkimer diamond, icosahedron cut quartz, mango calcite, Peruvian pink opal, red jasper, rhodonite, rose quartz, stibnite, and vanadinite crystals that energetically grounded this essence – click the link.

Red Clover Flower Essence

Red Clover Flower Essence supports your transition into more expanded states of consciousness. This is facilitated through assisting the transformation of lower frequency emotional states. These states are  rooted in the emotional subtle body, nervous system and the body’s own biochemistry.

Red Clover Flower Essence is useful when desiring a deeper and fuller spectrum experience of consciousness. This is done by the release of feelings held back by anger, fear, impatience or other negative emotional states.

As Red Clover Essence says of itself: 

I AM peaceful ease while stepping into expanded states of consciousness.

For more information about Red Clover Flower Essence and the amber, amethyst, Herkimer diamond, icosahedron quartz, red aventurine, red and white stilbite, sugilite and drusy quartz crystals that energetically grounded this essence – click the link.