Mid-December 2021: TFF Update and Essence Remakes

Dear Friends of Tree Frog Farm –

As many may know from reading our newsletters, and for those that are new readers, the past few years Diana has been battling cancer like a warrior. I have added some links to past newsletters below that touch upon her thoughts during this journey, which started in Sept 2018. It has been a rollercoaster of an experience for her and those who love her, holding on at every twist and turn. She has talked about it openly, but being a relatively private individual, she didn’t make it the focus of her work.

Coming to terms with her journey she has begun hospice care recently. Every moment spent with her feels precious, (as every moment should with those you love!) because they are. She feels such deep gratitude for the opportunity to share with you all, and the world, her gifts. She shared with me not long after she was diagnosed, that while in a deep meditation she learned the soul contract she made for this lifetime was to heal the multi-generational repression and alcoholism that ran in her family, the women on both sides of her family tree. She didn’t realize until that point the extent of this contract included her physical health.

Her gifts, along with her deep spiritual work, helped heal the generational wounds of her lineage, and release the harm that continued to re-wound, generation after generation. Through flowers and her love of the land and nature, she was able to facilitate these gifts in a way that could help others too. Working in partnership with the nature beings and faeries here at Tree Frog Farm, Diana lovingly made the essences that have helped so many.

We are committed to carrying on what Diana has started, and we hope that you will be with us on this journey too. We work with the faeries and flowers here to keep the healing and magic flowing.

Essence Remakes in 2021

Rhaychell during the remake of Arnica

Connecting to the Nature beings here is nothing short of a divine experience! I believe it feels different because the Fae here are honored for their work and companionship, and in return for this love and appreciation, we get it back, full circle.

Comfrey Flower Essence

Comfrey was made on 5/21/21 The first essence we remade this year was Comfrey. Stu and Diana chose some new stones to incorporate into the essence-making process the evening before and with the help of Lepidolite, Tangerine Quartz and Ocean Jasper added to the grid, Comfrey was remade. Ocean Jasper gave its qualities to the process as it lifts the veil of negativity – which many people can wear unconsciously. Comfrey was one of my first helpful healers, transforming my deep-seated pain and sorrow into a softer version with the recalling and memory triggers becoming less frequent. Comfrey let me know that I am no longer in harm’s way and that I am safe.

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Arnica Flower Essence

Arnica Flower Essence - TFF

Arnica remake took place 6/20/21 The little yellow Arnica flowers were popping out every which way, their leggy stems reaching up towards the summer sunshine. I was experiencing a dilemma in regards to childcare that day, but the fates would come through and allow me to participate in the making of this essence. This was one of those times where even though it seemed like it wasn’t possible, I kept my thoughts on making it happen, staying positive, and keeping hope I would be able to join in without a disturbance of flow. Ocean Jasper was a new stone wanting to be included as well, and what a fitting ally to utilize with this essence! Nature has a way. This is how this essence presents itself as a quality. We are too stressed out and need to relax and trust the process that the universe has set up for us. Stu wrote in his notes that day ‘To be resilient and unaffected by life’s curveballs. Tangerine Quartz reminds us to find the gifts in the experience. To low down and know you are capable of anything you put your mind to.

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Mock Orange Flower Essence

Mock Orange remake took place on 6/25. I had spent some time that morning carefully removing dead branches from around the perimeter of the flowering shrub. Early on, a Yellow Swallowtail butterfly made several appearances throughout the day, enjoying the mock orange blossoms in the sun, and spreading its joy everywhere it went. I cannot begin to explain the level of true divinity that this experience had shown to me! The blossoms of Mock Orange are breathtaking in both beauty and scent. There is a reason that the butterflies love it. The Mock Orange essence remake helps to clear energy blockages that hold in negativity, then helps anchor in at a higher frequency, gaining positivity at the cellular level. More heart-centered in actions; through word and deed. Your cells go on a journey, and this essence was right there. Negative feelings come through as obsolete when intentions are set to a higher frequency. Helps to set clear boundaries after these blockages have been cleared. During the closing drum ceremony during the final stage of completion, Stu and I witnessed a second Swallowtail playfully join in, dancing together in what felt to be complete bliss, into the blue sky. It truly was a magical message!

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Self-Heal Flower Essence

Self-Heal essence was remade on 7/5/21 In full-bloom on a cloudy turned sunny day just after the 4th. Spirit Quartz was added to the making of Self-Heal, as was Elestial Quartz and Red Jasper. Self-Heal brought forward working with higher-self to enhance alignment. This was the upgrade for this essence, to align the body for full healing and self-regeneration, This essence helps us to seek out what is needed within, aligns all chakra points so that life force can flow without blockage. We have every code within us to heal ourselves if we can clear out what is blocking us from accessing them when we need them. I picked up on the work never-ending, as in our story is never-ending, we are eternal. Aura cleansing. I also got the message that time is linear, we just can’t see it that way. Much like alignment is within ourselves. This essence will help to enhance alignment within you, so that you may see this cycle more clearly. What you have been trying to heal but haven’t been able to access it, Self-heal essence is your ally to remove what is in your way!

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White Yarrow Essence

White Yarrow was remade on 7/23/21. We added Elestial Quartz to this remake for its link to divinity and all higher realms. It is also a grounding stone for spiritual students. This essence remained the same, it didn’t need an upgrade, as it embodies infinite white light and the highest healing frequency. The ability to easily integrate frequencies of the purest white light makes White Yarrow one of our most popular essences, as well as for boundary protection. This essence can assist your ability to see things from this perspective – the high road. The Swallowtail Butterfly made another appearance just after I called each Deva to connect. We also observed the greenest little caterpillar during the download and upon closer look, this little guy was smiling! I have never seen anything like it. 🙂 There were 5 hummingbirds that made a visit too, and just after that not long before we were nearly complete, 5 little beings were frolicking and dancing atop the ‘umbrella’ of the Yarrow. The faeries no doubt! 🙂 What a special and sacred plant White Yarrow is. I have always been fond of this plant, as it reminds me of August, my birth month. I grew even more fond of hearing and seeing its message of love and light on this day.

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Pennyroyal Flower Essence

Pennyroyal was remade on 8/29/21 Its main message was that of ‘Progression of the Self’ This essence is helpful to retrain your nervous system to handle spiritual downloads so you can fulfill your life purpose. Stu and Diana made this one, I was unable to join in but gave my blessing. Stu planted and tended to the Pennyroyal from the ground up, so he had already established a special bond and was looking forward to the remake. From their notes taken during the making of this essence. New stones added include Fluorite, for its ability to draw out negative energy. It cleans, purifies, dispels, and reorganizes anything in the body that is not in order. Blue Aragonite was added for its Earth healer qualities. It is a grounding stone that combats dis-ease. Charoite for its ability to enhance clear communication. Amethyst, Inca Jade, Larimar, Lepidolite, and Smoky Quartz were crystals that were used in this remake as well.

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