Mid-July 2013: Love and Compassion of the Divine Feminine

Love and Compassion of the Divine Feminine

Fairy Rock OfferingI’ve been working with the Nature Beings and Deva of Tree Frog Farm putting crystal layouts on leylines and portals. A friend of mine on San Juan Island is doing the same thing on the land where she lives. (More photos about this are on the Tree Frog Farm Facebook page.) We’ve been told that the purpose of this work is to heal wounds created by the imbalance between male and female energies for past, present and future generations. It is also helping humans to clear their emotional fields. No small task!!

Power SpotMuch of the male/female wounding has happened because we have forgotten our connection with Spirit, especially the Divine Feminine. Many of us have narrowed our heart chakras, thinking that closing down will help us feel safe, when it actually creates the opposite effect. By closing off our hearts to the Spiritual Life Force of the Universe we may feel disconnected, alone, or insecure. We lose our spiritual power, compassion for ourself and for others. An important aspect of healing the wounds from male/female imbalances is to reopen our hearts to the Life Force Matrix of the Universe and receive Love and Compassion of the Divine Feminine.

I remade the Motherwort Essence a couple of weeks ago. It now carries the quality of reconnecting the heart chakra to the grid of ALL-THAT-IS, allowing for compassion for yourself and others. Motherwort is an essential essence in the Pericardium Heart Organ Energy Meridian Blend and is the featured essence this month.

MotherwortMotherwort Flower Essence

Motherwort herb is native to Asia and has naturalized across much of Europe and North America. It is often used for heart and nervous system issues such as hyperthyroid, palpitations and panic attacks. Motherwort helps to relieve menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, nervous anxiety, sleep disturbances, and depression.

On the flower essence level, Motherwort Flower Essence encourages you to open your heart to the Life Force Matrix of the Universe and receive Love and Compassion of the Divine Feminine. It does this by working through the front of the heart chakra to help you feel/sense that your heart is connected to the Spiritual Life Force of the Universe. It promotes the heart chakra to spin with an open and stable flow, and clears the area where the heart chakra moves through your personal physical, emotional and mental energy fields. It encourages love and compassion for yourself, and soothes the sense of emotional boundary violation by another person.

As Motherwort Flower Essence says of itself:
I AM Divine Love and Compassion received through heart
connection to the Spiritual Life Force Matrix of the Universe.

For more information about Motherwort Flower Essence and the crystals that energetically grounded this essence – amber, drusy quartz, icosahedron cut quartz, Jeffrey quartz, morganite, nirvana quartz, Peruvian pink opal, pink calcite (opaque), pink Lemurian seed crystal, rhodochrosite, rose quartz and rutilated quartz – go to the link below.

» More information on Motherwort Flower Essence

Fire Element: Summer Season

Fire is warmth and light. It is the spark of physical and spiritual energy. Like the sun, fire is vital to life. Sitting by a fireplace a sense of warmth, love and connection radiates out. If the fire cools down, or rages out of control it no longer is safe and nurturing. People with fire out of balance may be emotionally and physically cold or overheated, distant or try too hard to prove themselves. They may be sexually shutdown or substitute intimacy for love. People with balanced fire systems live life with zest full of creativity, are warm and nurturing to self and others, are open to new ideas and experiences, have clear personal and sexual boundaries, and are open-hearted with healthy relationships.

Pericardium Heart Organ Energy Meridian Essence BlendPericardium Heart Organ Energy Meridian Essence Blend

The heart is the most vital and sensitive organ in your body. Besides pumping blood, it generates the majority of the electromagnetic energy in the fields surrounding the body. The heart is the home of Spirit and is the center of creative expression. The pericardium is the physical sack around the heart. It is filled with a fluid that lubricates and protects the physical heart from bumps and shocks. Most energy healing systems do not approach the heart directly, but work through one of the heart protectors first. That is why our blend combines Pericardium with Heart. The heart meridian is most active from 11AM to 1PM, and the pericardium meridian is most active from 7PM – 9PM.

Use Pericardium Heart Organ Energy Meridian (OEM) Essence Blend when you have blood circulation problems, pericardium issues or heart-burn. Helpful when you feel heart-broken, try too hard to gain attention or feel distant and dead inside. Lack of joy and passion for life, being a workaholic or lethargic, having difficulty being in your body, confusion about personal boundaries, and being sexually shut down or overactive in place of healthy relationships, are indicators this formula would be helpful.

NOTE: This formula may be too strong for people who have had heart attacks or heart palpitations. Please use the Small Intestine or Triple Burner formulas instead.

The Pericardium Heart OEM Blend works through the energy circuits that support physical pericardium and heart functions and with the energy circuits that connect you with Spiritual heart energies through the heart chakra. This formula strengthens your heart’s ability to generate electromagnetic fields. It supports having appropriate personal and sexual boundaries and loving respectful relationships. The Pericardium Heart blend encourages being fully embodied while joyfully and playfully circulating your creative gifts in the world. It emboldens being consciously awake with the gleam of spiritual life-force shining through your eyes.

For more information about the Pericardium OEM Blend and the drusy quartz, golden topaz, green heulandite, nirvana quartz, pink sapphire, rhodochrosite, rhodonite, and rose quartz crystals that energetically charged it, go to the link below.

» More information on Pericardium Heart OEM Blend

This summer, open your heart to the Life Force Matrix of the Universe and receive Love and Compassion of the Divine Feminine.

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