November 2005: Constancy with Love – Sweet Briar Rose

Sweet Briar RoseThe rainy season has returned to the coastal Pacific Northwest after a gloriously sunny summer and early fall. As the rainy darkness hangs overhead day after day, sometimes clouds and rain cover my heart.   I forget the sunshine of love in my life: love for myself, my family, my work, our land, freedom, health, peace.

Constancy with Love – Sweet Briar Rose

Sweet Briar Rose flower essence was made on an early summer day when I was teaching a class.   It was mostly overcast with some sun breaks and then rain. Since essences usually are made on bright sunny days, I thought it was ruined and I would have to make it over again. Then the deva of sweet briar rose told me its signature and I understood. This essence opens your heart to trust and love yourself and others with consistency regardless of circumstances – come rain or come shine.

Sweet Briar Rose is a naturalized wild rose from England with a profusion of deep pink flowers. It has hooked thorns which makes it easily distinguishable from our native roses that have straight thorns. Like other wild roses, it provides valuable wildlife habitat and its hips are high in vitamin C.

On the flower essence level, Sweet Briar Rose (Rosa rubiginosa) says this about itself:

Fuels consistent Love for yourself and others in all circumstances.   I AM constancy with Love come rain or come shine.

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