November 2007: Attitude of Gratitude: Hardy Fuchsia

Hardy FuchsiaIt’s the season of the last harvests, abundance and Thanksgiving. What better time than this to express gratitude! To me, expressing gratitude is like building muscle. The more you exercise your attitude of gratitude, the stronger it gets.

Attitude of Gratitude: Hardy Fuchsia

The hardy fuchsia plant is one of the beautiful plants in our yard for which I have gratitude. It is still in full, glorious bloom, covered with small fuchsia-red with purple blossoms. This hardy perennial is native to Southern Peru, Argentina and Chile, and prefers moist soils and partial shade. Hummingbirds visiting from South America nest here at Tree Frog Farm during our spring and summer. Each year they start checking the hardy fuchsia plant in mid summer, eagerly waiting for its blossoms to open so they can feed its sweet nectar to their hungry family.

On the flower essence level, hardy fuchsia connects your heart chakra with the electromagnetic pulses of Joy. This connects you through the Divine Matrix to the “heartapathic” communication of all Beings. It also deepens your capacity to breathe in Universal Joy, energetically metabolize it, and breathe out your own heartfelt Joy to others. This energetic metabolism of the heart is as vital to your over all health as breathing oxygen.

As Hardy Fuchsia Flower Essence says of itself:

I AM Universal Joy breathing through your open heart chakra.

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