November 2004: Borage and Oceanspray: Transforming Grief and Depression

November is a time when leaves are beginning to fall and plants are beginning to die or turn dormant for the winter. In some cultures, Fall is the time of loss, grief and a kind of aching emptiness after the fullness of summer. It is also a time of great potential for transformation as these dark feelings are a part of the process of letting go what is no longer healthy or nourishing. It is important to allow these feelings, some present and some securely buried, to arise and pass through without getting stuck. In Chinese Five Element theory, lungs, large intestine and skin – which are excretion systems – relate to the Fall season and the emotions of grief and sorrow which often contribute to depression.

The products listed below are vibrational flower essences that operate on the body/mind’s energetic levels. If you would like additional support on the herbal level, you could try the Chinese and Ayurveda herb, turmeric.

Borage and Oceanspray:
Transforming Grief and Depression

Borage flower essence for depression

Borage (Borage officinalis) – Has five-pointed-star-shaped blue flowers that are edible. Borage leaves soothe respiratory problems and sore inflamed skin. The seed oil is used to treat premenstrual complaints, rheumatic problems, eczema and other chronic skin problems.

On the flower essence level, borage says of itself:

May the welling up of sorrow and depression be transmuted as they pass through your higher heart chakra then, flowing effortlessly, pour forth from your throat chakra as heart-centered conscious speech imbued with Divine power.

I AM the alchemy of transforming sorrow and depression into Divine power.

Oceanspray helps those who suffer from depressionOceanspray (Holodiscus discolor) is a native plant of the Pacific Northwest which growths on dry to moist open sites mostly at low to middle elevations and provides cover for small animals and birds. It is commonly called ironwood and was used by indigenous peoples for digging sticks, arrows, hooks, needles and nails. Also, they drank an infusion of the brown fruiting clusters for measles and chickenpox. On the flower essence level, Oceanspray says of itself:

Creamy white flower clusters sway like foam playing on the waves as they reach the shore. All appears calm and tranquil above the undertow of sorrow. Look into the waters of your Being and see the Lighthearted, jubilant Presence playing in the wave foam.

I AM your Lighthearted, jubilant Presence during times of sorrow.

All of us at Tree Frog Farm hope that the Fall season finds you well. We are available to answer questions about our products during our regular business hours – Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm Pacific Time, except Friday 11/26 when we will be closed in honor of Buy Nothing Day.