September 2007: Empowered Self-Worth: Vine Maple Tree

Vine Maple TreeFall has arrived at Tree Frog Farm.  The visiting birds that nest here in spring and summer have left; mornings are foggy and afternoons are sunny or rainy; apples, blackberries and rosehips are ripe; and the vine maple tree leaves have turned red.

Empowered Self-Worth: Vine Maple Tree

Vine Maple is a 10 to 20 feet tall, sometimes multi-stemmed tree native to the North American Pacific Coast. They flourish in the under story of moist woods, in moist open areas and along stream banks. In spring, flowers of reddish sepals and white petals hang delicately from the fine branches. By fall, the flowers have become winged red seedpods and the leaves are red.  Indigenous tribes took advantage of the long flexible shoots from the vine maple trees to make items such as baskets, baby cradles, snowshoes, fish traps and salmon tongs.

On the flower essence level, vine maple tree assists you to retrain habits of thinking.  It turns your gaze from the internal critic focusing on guilt, shame and being vicitimized toward your Higher Self focusing on forgiveness and empowered self-worth. The internal critic says things like “I should be able to…”, I’ll never learn this..”, “If only I hadn’t…”, “What a stupid mistake that was”, “If only he hadn’t ruined my life by…” and on and on.  Your Higher Self encourages you to say “Perhaps that wasn’t the best decision, but I have learned a lot and can now make better choices”, “I’m glad I’m able to do this much, so now I can learn the next step”, “I am a unique aspect of the Divine and I deserve all that is good for me”, “ I am in charge of my life and can…”

As you make choices to bring your authentic self to the forefront of your life and manifest your gifts, the critic may surface. The good news is you don’t have to believe the critic. It is a voice from the past that now has only the authority you give it by listening to it.  Instead, turn your gaze onto your Higher Self and what you truly want.

As Vine Maple Tree says of itself:

I AM empowered to honor, respect and manifest my unique self.

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