April 2004: Red Elderberry: Let Your Light Shine!

Red ElderberryWhile the creamy-white conical flower clusters of the red elderberry sway on the branch tips — much like clouds floating by in the sky — hummingbirds, bees and butterflies enjoy the nectar. Birds twitter through the branches, happy that the leaves are opening to provide more shelter. Soon the thicket of native berry bushes, ringed by15 foot tall red elderberries will be the nesting ground for towees, juncos, sparrows and finches. In summer birds and small mammals will eat the red berries and deer browse the twigs and leaves.

Red Elderberry: Let Your Light Shine!

Many a day this Spring the sky has been bedecked with clouds. Still on most days the sun has shone itself from behind the clouds. Some days the clouds and sun play peek-a-boo with each other. As we journey through life, there are days then the clouds of our past feel ever present. Will I ever move through this issue? Will I ever feel differently? Will I ever be my true self? Red Elderberry helps us to remember that we already are Light. Everything else is like shadows cast by clouds passing by.

Red Elderberry (Sambucus racemosa) Flower Essence

Like clouds passing through the sky, shadows of your past cover the illumination of your inner Light. Peer through the shadows and gaze upon the Light which is your true Being.

I AM Light, your true Being, radiating through shadows.

I AM conductor and regulator of higher heart energy as it seats into your physical form.