December 2003: Open Your Heart to the Holidays!

SOS Flowers

During this holiday season we celebrate the divine made manifest in the flesh and the darkness returning to light. It is a time of much celebration, sharing and gift giving. For many it is also a time of high energy and expectation — overdoing, overspending, dealing with ingrained family and cultural conditioning about the holidays.

These challenges are healing opportunities. Health becomes, then, not the absence of symptoms, but the returning to wholeness with All. Flower essences are a reliable ally in this process.

Open Your Heart to the Holidays!

As we enter this holiday season take the time to nurture yourself. Move away from overdoing and overexertion. Give yourself time for introspection and give others a heartfelt, consciously chosen gift. Flower essences make great gifts for yourself and your loved ones.

Holiday Heartwarmers from Tree Frog Farm:

S.O.S. Flower Remedy – New!!

This new blend contains 15 flower essences addressing different levels of physical, emotional and spiritual shock or stress to restore calm and balance. Great for the Holidays. Essential all year. A must for your first aid kit!

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Gentle Heart Flower Essence/Aromatherapy Mister

Support for healing heart wounds on all levels and living consciously from your heart.

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I AM conductor and regulator of higher heart energy as it seats into your physical form.