December 2009: Holiday Scents: Aromatherapy

All MistersAt Tree Frog Farm, we make wonderful (if I do say so myself) Aromatherapy and Flower Essence Misters. One of the things I love most about the Holidays is aroma – the smell of evergreens, good food, mulled cider, candles and of course our fragrant Aromatherapy and Flower Essence Misters. Wonderful any time of year, these are especially nice during family gatherings, on shopping outings, at holiday events and as gifts. All of our 1 oz. Aromatherapy and Flower Essence Misters are on sale this month. Since we haven’t perfected the scratch n’ sniff feature on our website yet (I wish!), I’ll describe them for you.

Holiday Scents

Angels of Light Mister

Scent: Mostly lavender with a touch of green herb and lightly citrus.
Essential oils: Lavender, orange and thyme.
Flower Essences: Comfrey, Lady’s Mantle and White Yarrow.
Energetically charged with crystals: Drusy Quartz and Amethyst.
Release from worry and fear. Relax into sleep. Strengthens your personal boundaries. Be lighthearted and grounded. Clears a room. Antimicrobial.
Great for travel. Kids and adults love it. Wonderful gift for massage therapist and other body/energy workers. Use in preparation for ceremony or celebration.
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Clear the Air Mister

Scent: Fresh, clear, clean.
Essential oils: Hyssop, thyme and clary sage.
Flower Essences: Borage, Oceanspray, and Trailing Blackberry.
Opens the respiratory system. Encourages clear communication. Mildly antimicrobial.
Effective for colds or allergies. Excellent room freshener.
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Gentle Heart Mister

Scent: Lemony rose.
Essential oils: Rose geranium, melissa and citronella.
Flower Essences: Blue Vervain, Nootka Rose, and Woodland Strawberry.
Energetically charged with crystals: Drusy Quartz.
Brings a gentle lift to your mood and spirit. Engage life from your heart. Supportive after the loss of a loved one.
Delightful gift for lovers and those who love life! Thoughtful gift for someone grieving a loss during the holidays.
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Golden Armor Mister

Scent: Earthy and calming.
Essential oils: Vetiver, sweet birch and Roman chamomile.
Flower Essences: Devil’s Club, Golden Celebration Rose, Pennyroyal, and Twinflower.
Energetically charged with crystals: Drusy Quartz.
Grounding and calming with appropriate boundaries. Great for empathetic people.
Highly recommended at school, on the job, at shopping malls or while traveling. Thoughtful gift for students; peace, environmental and social justice advocates; and Lightworkers.
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Menopause Ease Mister

Scent: Clean, calming with a touch of lavender.
Essential oils: Clary Sage, Roman chamomile, and lavender.
Flower Essences: Lady’s Mantle, Red Clover, Self-Heal, and Valerian .
Energetically charged with crystals: Drusy Quartz and Amethyst.
Carry this cool refreshing spray and spritz yourself when you have a hot flash, headache, feel irritable or dizzy.
Great gift for menopausal women.

Note: This Menopause Ease Mister will be discontinued after the Holidays. See link above for close out price. After that, for menopause symptoms please see Transform Ease Flower Essence Blend Spray.

Starting Over Mister

Scent: Balanced, lightly citrus and earthy.
Essential oils: Bitter orange, melissa, citronella, and vetiver.
Flower Essences: Heart, Comfrey, and Moon Shadow Rose.
Energetically charged with crystals: Drusy Quartz.
Support and comfort during and after major life changes or lots of little rapid changes. Encourages calm and centeredness while creating a new life for yourself.
Wonderful gift for people who are now or recently have experienced (for example): marriage/partnering or divorce, new baby or children leaving home, career change, major move, healing after trauma.
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Stress Relief Mister

Scent: Calming, heart-opening and grounding.
Essential oils: Vetiver, lavender and rose geranium.
Flower Essences: Black Gooseberry, Devil’s Club, Lavender, and Self-Heal.
Energetically charged with crystals: Drusy Quartz and Amethyst.
Stay lighthearted, grounded and centered during the many activities and responsibilities of your daily life. Slow down and create time to nourish, center and comfort yourself.
Great gift for moms with kids in multiple after-school and weekend activities, for people with fast paced jobs, or who have a hard time slowing down to fall asleep. Helpful when stuck in traffic.
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December’s Set of 4 Aromatherapy/Flower Essence Misters: Holiday Scents

Our Set of 4 Misters – Angels of Light, Gentle Heart, Golden Armor and Stress Relief in a clear-top box – makes a wonderful gift. And the discount will cover all or most of your shipping and handling costs! Note: If you would like to substitute a different mister(s) please write which one(s) to take out and which one(s) to add in the comments box at the end of check out. If there are no other instructions, you will receive the misters named above.

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