Flash Sale – Healing with Flower Essences

Becoming emotionally healthy is the basis for overall health and it starts with your mind. That old saying ‘mind over matter” is really true. Flower Essences have been a large part of my recovery and have helped me immensely throughout my healing journey.

I grew up with an abusive, emotionally unavailable mother. The abuse was sometimes physical, but most often psychological and emotional. In my young adulthood, I tended to gravitate towards abusive or emotionally unavailable partners, which only exacerbated my internal struggle. My self-esteem was so low that I didn’t believe I deserved anything better. Believing that I was ugly, fat, stupid, and worthless. I often let others take advantage or have control over me. Looking back, I know this is due to the conditioning and coping skills that I developed in childhood. I lived in survival mode, just trying to get through it and stay alive.

Starved for the LOVE we all need to thrive in life left me feeling desperate to find a safe place, to feel loved and accepted. Deep down inside there is a small child within me that was not nurtured the way all children need to be nurtured, protecting her for fear of losing myself. I’ve kept the core of my being safe enough to be where I am today. I have hope for the future and am in a place where I feel safe enough to work through my trauma.

This is where flower essences have stepped in to help heal these deep emotional wounds. Slowly, they have helped to soften my view of the world enough to allow me to move through stagnant and unhealthy feelings wrapped up in self-preservation and make room for new growth. It took me 3/4th of my life to find that my healing and happiness reside within myself. The love that I need to grow is within me. Love for me, for who I am, and loving myself for all my flaws and scars. This is the love that we are all are connected to and how we are all connected.

With Love and Healing Light,

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Cherry Festival Tree Peony Essence
Cherry Festival Tree Peony Flower Essence assists you to recognize heart wounds that you have protected and ignored. Unless they are addressed you can’t learn from them. Cherry Festival Tree Peony Essence helps you to gently peel the scab off of the wound that is still tender and oozing, so it can heal. It is time to open your heart to the ponderousness of life!

As Cherry Festival Tree Peony says of itself: I AM gentle healing of your heart wounds and connecting you to your unique wisdom.

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Bloodroot Essence

Bloodroot Flower Essence helps to facilitate the transformation of genetic tendencies. Can help to nudge out genetic attitudes and generational trauma, such as ingrained fear, hopelessness, mistrust, deep anger, and separation from the Earth. When you are ready to step out of the inhibiting beliefs of your ancestors and embrace the potential all of us have as humans, bloodroot will assist your journey to full health. 

As Bloodroot says of itself: I AM the embodiment of my full potential this lifetime.

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Black Hellebore Essence

Black Hellebore essence is your ally when you experience soul loss. This essence facilitates the soul retrieval process and integration of the returned soul parts. This can be soul loss from a present or past lifetime. Black Hellebore also facilitates integrating soul aspects of concurrent lives in higher frequency dimensions that you are ready to receive. Encourages you to look back to learn from the situations that led to soul loss and to purge the shackles of those experiences.

As Black Hellebore says of Itself: I AM integration of soul parts from lifetimes past, present and concurrent at higher frequency dimensions.

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Skunk Cabbage Essence

Skunk Cabbage flower essence encourages you to delight in being in a physical body on Earth. It impulses you to dig deep into the emotional and psychological muck creating stagnant constipated energy that blocks your ability to live life to the fullest. When you feel stuck or stagnant in your life and personal growth process.

As Skunk Cabbage says of itself: I AM the transformation of stagnant life force into bright sunshine.

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Echinacea Essence

Echinacea Flower Essence supports you in transitioning to new ways of being as you interface with your daily world. When your self-image is beginning to change, but you haven’t completely become your “new” self, it breaks up whatever is holding you back. When you don’t release old images of yourself, they become stagnant and weaken your immune system. Echinacea Flower Essence stimulates letting go of these old self-images, making it more likely that you will remain healthy and strong during this transition time.

As Echinacea Essence says of itself: I AM melting away of old self-images to reveal the wealth that is your true Self.

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Ruby Hellebore Essence
Ruby Hellebore Flower Essence works where there are no words, in the emotional heart. It brings a sense that your heart is safe and protected by helping you to discern appropriate boundaries. It instills courage and resilience from the heart to help you access deep peace and gentle joy in your daily life. 

As Ruby Hellebore says of itself: I AM courage and resilience during times of heartache and hopelessness.

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Red-flowering Currant Essence 

Red-flowering Currant Essence brings to awareness deep known and unknown fear, engenders forgiveness and compassion for yourself and whatever is triggering the fear response, then transforms the fear into feeling safe, protected, and full of Light. It encourages you to joyfully and confidently engage life from the understanding that this transformative process is in alignment with your soul’s purpose.

As Red-flowering Currant says of itself: I AM loving power assisting you to transform that which you most fear.

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Comfrey Essence
Comfrey Flower Essence helps you when you experience very deep emotional and psychological wounds that are usually from trauma, abuse, and shock. The wounds could be recent or very old, from this lifetime or a past life. Aids in the healing of wounds so deep and traumatic that they affect your soul’s journey. Encourages feeling emotionally and physically safe, and engenders tenderness, self-compassion, and joy during this deep healing process.

As Comfrey says of itself: I AM comfort and solace for your soul during your deep healing process.

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