Flash Sale – Worry Less and Calmly Take Action

Over thinking and negative thoughts can be a real day wrecker. Taking action during times you feel paralyzed by fear and worry is sometimes easier said then done. Keeping your vibration on the higher spectrum and maintaining a positive attitude takes work that sometimes feels too overwhelming when faced with challenging situations.

The first step is to separate yourself from these thoughts. You aren’t them, nor are your thoughts you. They are imprints in your energy field that produce electrical impulses firing in the brain creating biochemical responses. These functions, though necessary as a survival mechanism, are not always easy to stop looping when it has a hold on the mind and emotions. Luckily, we have help from nature and these essences can be your ally when you are finding a life situation too difficult to handle on your own.

Love and Light,

Nasturtium Flower Essence


Use Nasturtium essence when you feel ungrounded or out-of-body with buzzy energy or ruminating thoughts that exhaust your energy. Shifts focus from lower brain functions (repetitive mind chatter) to higher brain functions that support clear and focused thinking.

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Dandelion Flower Essence


Dandelion essence promotes deep cleansing of toxic imprints on the physical, emotional, and mental levels. Assists the body to function at the 5th dimensional level, Energetically works through feelings of frustration and anger caused by blockages in the creative process.

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Red Huckleberry Flower Essence

Red Huckleberry

Use Red-huckleberry essence when your are caught in mental confusion, chaos, and impatience – sometimes leading to frustration and anger – and you are unable to discern an orderly course of action to take.

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Boneset Flower Essence


Boneset essence works through the energy circuits that support a strong and healthy immune system. Particularly, it goes to the places of emotional heart wounds that weaken the immune system and keep you contracted and frozen in your body.

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Woodland Strawberry Essence

Woodland Strawberry

Woodland Strawberry essence is helpful when you are feeling anxious, wanting to create certainty in an uncertain world and worrying yourself into exhaustion. Separates your thoughts from your feelings to stop the emotionally charged tape loop.

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Cooley’s Hedge Nettle Essence

Cooley'sHedge Nettle

Emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, it invites you to connect with your highest consciousness when sorting and digesting experiences. Reminds you that it’s important to honor everyone involved in a situation, even if it is difficult, because we are all Spirit having a human experience.

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