Flash Sale – Rose Essences for a Weary World

January 8th, 2022 – January 10th, 2022

While getting my thoughts collected and preparing myself to put out this flash sale email, my mind kept wandering in every direction. Being a long suspected, but undiagnosed sufferer of ADHD, this is some of what that looks like:

  • ‘Welcome to a new surge in Covid cases…best hunker down again.’
  • ‘It is the 4th generation in a cycle…That is why they have it tough.’
  • ‘We are the benders. ‘
  • ”There has got to be some good times ahead, like the roaring ’20s in the 2030s…’
  • ‘Wow..the Rose essences are hitting a note. I could use this one right now…maybe everyone could’
  • ‘Awh, geez…ROSE!’ – rest peacefully Betty White.
  • **get a series of ringing in my left ear. ‘I pray for you’
  • ‘I better write to my Grandma. Send pictures of the girls.’
  • ‘Yes, the rose is what we need! Like a big, collective hug.’

At first, this random, scattered, internal dialogue seemed unproductive until I realized I was picking up on some universal mind chatter that held some real merit. What the world needs right now, what makes us thrive, is love. We are most definitely in the throes of a great shift in consciousness, and while Covid cases spike again, the whole world is left in a weary state of exhaustion. Collectively, we have the ability to make the shift towards love, peace, and harmony simply by opening our hearts back up, and leaving the fear that contracts our desire to overcome, behind.

Universally the symbol for love, adoration, and friendship is the rose. And to varying degrees, much like our need for it, the rose emanates this vibrational frequency stronger than most flowers. In years past, we have reserved our rose essences as a group to be featured in February. However, given this strong pull to feature some now, I will honor that. February, from an astrological standpoint, will be busy this year beyond the usual I believe. More on this next time.

The rose essences that are featured in this weekend’s flash sale are just the right heart-centered and supportive allies we need right now! They will only be on special until Monday, so don’t wait!

Universal Love and Healing Light,


Clustered Wild Rose Flower Essence

Clustered Wild Rose (Rosa pisocarpa) – Engenders strong, heartfelt, directed, compassionate, purposeful, and soft feminine energy. Supports the collective world consciousness to embody a more gentle, compassionate way of life.

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dwarf wild rose

Dwarf Rose Flower Essence

Dwarf Wild Rose (Rosa gymnocarpa) – Works through the cerebral spinal fluid shifting wave patterns that perpetuate emotional, mental, and body habits that are no longer useful. Teaches new wave patterns that support more ease in being centered, grounded, balanced, mental clarity, and emotional peace.

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Tropical Sunset Rose Flower Essence

Tropical Sunset Rose (Rosa “Tropical Sunset”) – Facilitates heart-felt communication flowing within yourself and between you, friends, loved ones, everyone, and everything. Helpful getting your energy “out there” and receiving back information to support creating what you want.

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Sweet Valentine Flower Essence

Sweet Valentine Rose(Rosa “Sweet Valentine”) – Opens and connects the heart chakra through all of the personal, astral and spiritual energy fields, calling forth forgiveness, grounds these energies into the physical. Soothes intrusions, irritations, and disturbances through all of the energy fields out to the 9th layer boundary.

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Hot Tamale Rose Flower Essence

Hot Tamale Rose (Rosa “Hot Tamale”) – Hot Tamale Rose Flower Essence supports being grounded and centered while riding the chaos and the potential of the transformational roller coaster into the jumble, tumble years ahead. It is time-coded to support your body/mind as you adjust to shifting frequencies.

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Purple Passion Rose Flower Essence

Purple Passion Rose (Rosa “Purple Passion”) – Brings to light and supports consciously transmuting interwoven karmic patterns. Creates awareness with aspects of yourself on other dimensions and with your Higher Self to assist in fulfilling your karmic purpose for this lifetime.

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Peace Rose Flower Essence

Peace Rose (Rosa “Peace”) – Reorient toward love, joy, and deep peace. Let anger and fear from a physical or emotional injury melt away.

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Our Lady of Guadalupe Rose Flower Essence

Our Lady of Guadalupe Rose (Rosa “Our Lady of Guadalupe”) – Calibrates the unfolding of the Higher Heart chakra as it conducts higher love frequencies into your physical body. Encourages you to keep your heart and higher heart chakras open during this process.

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