January 2006: Clear Vision: Clary Sage

Clary SageJanuary is the time when many people set their vision and intention for the new year.  I’ve been re-evaluating last year and looking at ways to work smarter, not harder. How do I want my days to look, to flow? What is keeping me from this vision?  As I’ve been going through this process, clary sage flower essence has been a friend and ally.

Clear Vision: Clary Sage

Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea) one of the most fragrant and beautiful plants in the labyrinth garden.  It’s a biennial medicinal herb growing up to 6 feet tall and 3 feet wide. At this time of year, clary sage dies back and provides winter wildlife habitat and food for resident chickadees, juncos, towhees and other birds.  Like clowns in a circus act, these birds are continually scurrying around clary sage finding seeds and hiding places from the wet winter winds.

Clary sage seeds are soaked in water to make an eye bath, hence it’s name “clary” or “clear eye.”  It is also used for protecting etheric site. Clary sage leaf is regarded as a tonic, calming herb with estrogen-stimulating action.  It is used to treat premenstrual, menstrual and menopausal complaints, and to encourage clear communication.  Clary Sage essential oil is in our Menopause and Clear the Air aromatherapy mister sprays.

As is often the case, Clary Sage flower essence speaks to the energetic vibration underlying its herbal and aromatherapy uses:

Clarity. Seeing clearly the images of congestion that create roadblocks in our ability to progress. Supports “etheric seeing.” I AM clear vision along life’s pathways.

Happy New Year’s Visioning from all of us at Tree Frog Farm!

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