Mid-January 2019: Ground your Creative Mojo!


Now that your creative mojo is moving through your solar plexus, heart and throat chakras, it is time to get focused with the day-to-day practical aspects of creating. Do you believe that you can create what you want? Are you completely clear about what you want to create? Have you contacted your Higher Guidance about it? Have you set intentions, timelines and goals for what you want? Do you know how to bring what you want to manifest out into the world?

The Manifest Essence Blend addresses these questions and outlines additional steps for the process of manifesting. It is helpful as you focus on any of the creative stages and supports you through the whole process. Fresh Start Aromatherapy and Flower Essence Mister adds a delightful citrusy scent to the process of making major changes in your life. It encourages you to deepen your sense of who you really are, your uniqueness, while experiencing physical vitality. The Manifest Blend and the Fresh Start Mister make wonderful companions for your 2019 creative process!

Clary Sage, Coltsfoot and Tropical Sunset Rose Flower Essences are powerful essences in the Manifest Blend. Coltsfoot is the key essence in the Fresh Start Mister. All of these are on special until mid-February.

Note: Sunflower and Camas Lily Flower Essences are also significant essences in the Manifest Blend and will continue on special until the end of January.

InJoy, Diana

What a powerful time of year! Get your creative mojo moving through your chakras and ground it with practical activity in your daily life!

Clary Sage Flower Essence

Clary Sage Flower Essence assists clearly envisioning what you want for your life, the next step or a project. Supports clearly receiving psychic impressions and interpreting them through the brain and heart into seeing, hearing, sensing or knowing. Being clear about what you want to create is the second step in the process of manifesting anything. (The first step is believing you can manifest – see Sunflower Flower Essence, still on special during January.)

As Clary Sage Flower Essence says of itself:

I AM clearly envisioning a heart attuned and Spirit guided life.

For more information about Clary Sage Flower Essence, the imprints of owl feather and spirit song and the crystals that energetically grounded this essence – amber, amethyst, angel wing, blue phantom quartz, cavansite, drusy quartz, fluorite, icosahedron quartz, and Lemurian seed crystal – click on the picture.


Coltsfoot Flower Essence

Coltsfoot Flower Essence inspires you to joyfully engage new adventures and challenging situations with physical stamina and vitality. It relieves old self-imposed limitations to your creativity and encourages deeply focused joyful activity. The energy of Coltsfoot Flower Essence is invigorating and exuberant yet calm and helps you to access multi-dimensional guidance on how to use this renewed level of energy.

As Coltsfoot Flower Essence says of itself:

I AM focused exuberance and vitality for new adventures and challenging situations.

For more information about Coltsfoot Flower Essence and the amber, black tourmaline, blue topaz, charoite, drusy quartz, green aventurine, green calcite, gold (raw), icosahedron cut quartz and red jasper – click on the picture.

Tropical Sunset Rose Flower Essence

Tropical Sunset Rose flower essence facilitates heart-felt communication flowing within yourself and between you, friends, loved-ones, everyone and everything. Helpful getting your energy “out there” and receiving back information to support creating what you want.

As Tropical Sunset Rose Flower Essence says of itself:

I AM heartfelt communication circulating within and without.

For more information about Tropical Sunset Rose Flower Essence, the imprints of rattle and spirit song, and the crystals that energetically grounded this essence amber, copper, drusy quartz, green and clear apophyllite, hemimorphite, icosahedron cut quartz, lapis, pink calcite (opaque), pink sapphire, rose quartz and quartz points – click on the picture.


Manifest Life Process Essence Blend

Create what you want to manifest! The Manifest Essence Blend helps you come into alignment with the highest purpose for your current life process or project. It assists you to move through the following steps and stages:

• Believe in your ability, as a multidimensional human being, to manifest

• Become clear about what you want to create

• See what stands in your way

• Align your thinking, emotions and body with what you want

• When you encounter blocks and slowdowns use spiritually aligned intention to break through

• Move past family lineage and societal conditioning

• Remember who you really are and why you want to engage in this process or project

• Transfer ideas and intentions from outside of time into grounded action within time. This includes developing specific measurable goals with a timeline

• Regularly affirm your intentions and goals by reading them, ritual, etc.

• Relax, trust and create with confidence, gentleness, joy and gratitude

• Yet, be willing to let go of your plans and flow with what is unfolding. Sometimes your conscious mind isn’t aware of the bigger picture that your higher dimensional aspects are in the process of revealing

• Say thank you and graciously receive what you, as a multi-dimensional Being, have create.

For more information about the Manifest Life Process Essence Blend, the flower and tree essences in it and the crystals used to charge it – amethyst & citrine spirit quartz, drusy quartz, golden topaz, Inca jade (Green Nephrite) and ruby – click on the picture.

Fresh Start Flower Essence & Aromatherapy Mister

Joyfully engage your deepening sense of self and new life direction. Instills courage, calm and centeredness during this process. Wonderful citrusy and earthy scent. Great for engaging new adventures in your life. For example:

– Starting a new job or changing careers

– Starting a new business

– Starting a new project or reorienting an existing project

– Starting or redirecting your spiritual path

– Marriage/partnering or creating a new life after separation/divorce

– Welcoming a new baby or pet

– Expanding your personal interests when children leave home

– Moving Encourages you to deepen your sense of who you really are, your uniqueness, while experiencing physical vitality.

For more information about the flower essences and essential oils in Fresh Start Flower Essence and Aromatherapy Mister and the crystals used to charge it – drusy quartz, sunstones, red adventurine and red and white stilbite – click on the picture.