June 2004: Intertwined Healing: Nootka Rose, Snowberry, Thimbleberry

It’s interesting to notice at Tree Frog Farm which plants grow together, when they bloom and how they work together as flower essences. Nootka rose, thimbleberry and snowberry grow intertwined along a road edge on the sunny west side of our property. They form a tall, dense hedge that provides habitat and food for birds, butterflies and small mammals. The roses and thimbleberries bloom at about the same time; they are both in the same plant family – Rosa. Nootka rose has large fragrant pink five-petal flowers and large round red rose hips in fall. Both blossoms and hips are edible. I use the dried petals in our Gentle Heart Tea and hips in our Immune Support Tea. Thimbleberry has large white five-petal flowers and edible raspberry red, half-sphere shaped fruit. Young shoots and the fruit of both Nootka rose and Thimbleberry were staples in the diet of many indigenous peoples. Snowberry, in the honeysuckle family, starts to bloom about 3 weeks later. It has tiny pink bell-shaped flowers in clusters and the pea-size bright white berries form on dense, small-leaf shrubs to 7 feet. The berries which stay on the fine branch tips all winter are not edible by humans, but are a cheery sight when all of the bushes are drab-brown and bare.

Nootka Rose, Snowberry, Thimbleberry:
Intertwined Healing

Together these three essences help us stay open and joyful in the most challenging times.

Nootka Rose (Rosa nutkana)

As the buds of this rose open to display their five-petaled pink splendor, so can your heart chakra open and bring forth the pink light of Divine Love.

I AM the pink light of Divine Love.

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Snowberry (Symphoricarpos albus)

Support for keeping your awareness and heart open during “dark night of the soul” memories of this or a past lifetime.

I AM the opportunity to heal emotional wounds, both present and past.

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Thimbleberry (Rubus parviflorus)

Regardless of circumstances, sustains flowing through the process of daily life bathed in Joy.

I AM Joy overflowing in daily life!

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