March 2004: Salmonberry Support for New Directions

SalmonberryThe Salmonberries at Tree Frog Farm are well established in our Red Alder grove which overlooks neighboring Orcas Island. It is a native deciduous shrub, and a cousin of the common garden raspberry. The Salmonberry has small thorns on its golden brown branches and can grow to 10 feet in ideal sites, making it an ideal selection for hedges, visual screens and erosion control. In March the magenta Salmonberry flowers begin blooming as the foliage emerges, and serve as an early spring nectar source for the returning Rufous Hummingbird. It produces deliciously tart, salmon pink to purple fruit in early summer that is eaten by humans, birds and animals.

Salmonberry: Support for New Directions

Just as the hummingbirds are nourished on Salmonberry nectar after a potentially dangerous journey, we can be supported by Salmonberry flower essence as we choose to risk for our new direction.

Salmonberry (Rubus spectabilis) Flower Essence

Support for choosing the next clear direction life offers even when this feels risky and you imagine it could be the death of you. Be present and alert. This will enable you to learn and remain safe during the process.

I AM willingness to risk for attaining my highest purpose.

I AM conductor and regulator of higher heart energy as it seats into your physical form.