May 2009: Welcome to Our World

Goat's BeardYears ago I was in a Jin Shin Tara class. The teacher asked the students if any of us felt homesick. She wasn’t referring to our biological home and family, but to our spiritual home and family. Every one of us raised our hand.

Welcome to Our World

As we grow spiritually and attune to the higher frequencies of Light, we become more sensitive to the energies around us. The culture of our world and every day life may feel foreign and discordant. Yet, we each chose to be here for a purpose. We each have gifts to give and lessons to learn. Going out of body, hiding our gifts and abilities, disengaging from life are some of the ways sensitive people cope with our culture. However, we are now being asked to step up to life. We are the change we have been asking for and it is imperative we each engage as fully as we can. Welcome to your life, welcome to the Earth and welcome to the New World that we are creating! Goat’s Beard is one of the key essences in the new Welcome to Our World Blend, and it is the featured essence this month.

Goat’s Beard Flower Essence

Goat’s Beard is a North America native that grows on the edges of forests, streams and roadsides usually at low to middle elevations. Long strands of tiny flowers inspired the name goat’s beard and its other common name, spaghetti flower. In the U.S. Pacific Northwest various indigenous peoples made medicines from goat’s beard for a wide range of symptoms including coughs, colds and sore throats, stomach aliments, swelling, and smallpox.

On the flower essence level, Goat’s Beard supports being an open-hearted, grounded and relaxed human animal easily handling the flow of daily happenings. With all that we are each called to do spiritually and in daily life, it is easy to feel rushed, jittery, ungrounded, frayed, or overwhelmed. Or perhaps this is the way your body responds to the current jumbled frequencies of the Earth plane. Goat’s Beard Flower Essence is a welcome ally that helps you feel sure-footed, confident, inquisitive and calm as you step into the fullness of your life.

As Goat’s Beard Flower Essence says of itself:

I AM an open-hearted, grounded, relaxed human animal.

For more information on Goat’s Beard Flower Essence and the amber, black onyx, bloodstone, blue quartz, green tourmaline, red jasper and drusy quartz crystals that energetically grounded this essence while it was being made, go to the link below.

» More information on Goat’s Beard Flower Essence

May’s Flower Essence Blend: Welcome To Our World

Welcome To Our World is a blend of 24 flower and tree essences that facilitate feeling at home in your body and on Earth. It is useful for those of us who find it difficult to live on Earth and tend to disengage from life because we remember what it is like to live in other dimensions that are more harmonious with Spirit. It welcomes us to live fully in our human bodies, and it welcomes us to engage fully in the New Earth that is becoming more resonant with the higher dimensions.

This flower remedy blend is also designed to welcome babies to Earth and their new human families. In addition, it assists people and companion animals to adjust to new environments and living conditions. For example, it will support both the family members and newly arrived adopted or foster children, or companion animals, as they integrate into an existing home. It will also support both humans and companion animals of different households as they combine to create a new home.

Welcome To Our World can be used by people who are sensitive to scents because it is made without essential oils. It is in a base of red shiso herb tea with organic white vinegar. (Read more information about the red/shiso vinegar base.) Welcome To Our World comes in a one-ounce spray bottle for easy use. Spray around your body, into a glass of drinking water or directly into your mouth. For detailed instructions about using Welcome To Our World with babies, children and animals, or for more information about the blue quartz, chrysocolla, kyanite, rose quartz and drusy quartz gemstones that energetically grounded this blend, go to the monthly link below.

Goat’s Beard and Welcome To Our World Flower Remedy are deeply supportive allies as we integrate our spiritual experience and everyday life. Welcome to your life, welcome to Earth and welcome to the New World that we are creating!

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