Mid-April 2021: Yourself and Earth – Healing to Wholeness

Healing to wholeness is our motto at Tree Frog Farm. For me, this means to heal to a place of peace and harmony within, not just to alleviate symptoms. The Diné (Navajo) called this Beauty Way. It is crucial for the survival of humanity and all the children of Earth. Aligning with the rhythms of Earth and live as Nature.

On a personal level, I am doing deep healing as part of my cancer journey and have uncovered wounded places that don’t love or even like me. Largely, this is from childhood trauma. The words ‘love thy neighbor as thyself” were words I often heard growing up. I realize now this includes Mother Earth.

The current culture of violence, greed and, pillaging the Earth reflects that most of us don’t have self-love. It takes each of us doing our part with personal healing. Doing work to heal and sustain our beloved Earth. This can be as simple as volunteering with love in your heart. Helping with a neighborhood cleanup or a neighbor with their garden. Or it can be your life’s work, like for Greta Thunberg and the people of the Sunrise Movement. We are the ones we have been waiting for!

To support us in this process, I’m offering Kinnikinnik, Red Shiso and, White Fawn Lily flower essences. The three blends are Heart Chakra, Beauty Way and, Earth Wisdom. Kinnikinnik is in the Heart Chakra Blend. Red Shiso flower essence is in Earth Wisdom. White Fawn Lily is a key essence in Beauty Way and Earth Wisdom Blends.

Earth Day is April 22nd. Let’s make Earth Day, every day! Two wonderful resources are Yes! Magazine and EarthDay.org. 

(Photo: Photo of cover of Yes! Magazine. Illustration from the Ecological Civilization article, from Yes! Magazine Spring 2021)

We are each Nature! Heal yourself to wholeness, and live in harmony with the Earth. Flower Essences will be your ally in this process.

Kinnikinnik Flower Essence

Kinnikinnik Flower Essence gently opens the back of the heart chakra. Supports the process of returning to unconditional self-love. It instills the will to open-heartedly accept and love others. This leads to having a vibrant and more expansive life.

As Kinnikinnik Flower Essence says of itself:

I AM ease with unconditionally loving myself and others.

For more information about Kinnikinnik Flower Essence, the imprint of rattle and spirit song coming through Diana’s voice, and the crystals that energetically grounded this essence – amber, adamite, amethyst, drusy quartz, icosahedron cut quartz, Mangano calcite, morganite, pink calcite (clear), quartz points, rhodochrosite, rhodonite, and rose quartz – click on the picture.


Red Shiso Flower Essence

Reawakens heartful courage to live your birthright as a descendant of the Cosmos and Earth! Inspires you to joyfully engage the celestial dance of moon, sun, and planetary cycles. Experience how this feeds vibrant health. Encourages you to remember that you can consciously sow your desires in alignment with these cycles. As more of us do this, all the Creation benefits.

As Red Shiso Flower Essence says of itself:

I AM a descendant of the Cosmos and Earth consciously aligned with the interplay between them.

For more information about Red Shiso Flower Essence and the amber, adamite, amethyst, drusy quartz, icosahedron cut quartz, Mangano calcite, morganite, pink calcite (clear), quartz points, rhodochrosite, rhodonite, and rose quartz crystals that energetically grounded this essence, click on the picture.


White Fawn Lily Flower Essence

White Fawn Lily Flower Essence helps you settle into deep loving introspection and reverence for all life. This inspires the nature of the gift of your authentic self to the world. After you have reached a place of genuine fullness, White Fawn Lily Essence supports you. Lift your head, soften your eyes, open your heart. Radiate peace and the gift of your Being out to the world.

As White Fawn Lily says of itself:

I AM fully ripened heartful Peace and genuine Being radiating out to the world.

For more information about White Fawn Lily Flower Essence and the amber, amethyst, blue quartz, drusy quartz and, icosahedron cut quartz crystals that energetically grounded this essence – click on the picture.


Beauty Way Essence Blend

Beauty Way is a gentle yet strong ally encouraging you to integrate these more compassionate qualities and strengths into your daily actions. There is strength in the Beauty Way path, it’s the strength that rises from Mother Earth herself. Indigenous peoples make a spiritual practice of walking through daily life honoring and connecting to the spirit and the life force in everything around them. Mitakuye Oyasin, we are all related, is the Lakota Sioux understanding of this.

For more information about Beauty Way Life Process Blend, the flower and tree essences in it, and the chrysoprase, drusy quartz, sodalite, turquoise and, variscite crystals that energetically charged it, click on the picture.


Earth Wisdom Essence Blend

Earth Wisdom Essence Blend supports feelings of overwhelm or discouragement of current happenings in the world and the United States. It will encourage you to act on behalf of our Earth, humanity, and all sentient beings in your local community, nationally, and through social media.

Earth Wisdom invites you to attune your heart to the heart of Mother Earth. Relax into her arms and revel in the joy of Being. Let the Earth’s grounded wisdom guide you to live in peace and sacred harmony with each other and all creatures. Let Love inspire you to live and work with the well-being and sacredness of our planet in your heart.

For more information about Earth Wisdom Essence Blend, the flower and tree essences in it, and the chrysocolla, chrysoprase, drusy quartz, fire agate, turquoise, and variscite crystals that energetically charged it, click on the picture.


Heart Chakra Essence Blend


A guarded heart chakra can lead to self-destructive tendencies. Emotional symptoms associated with the Heart Chakra are sadness, grief, sorrow, feeling bereft or heartbroken. Emotionally disabled by taking on too much of other’s pain and suffering, or have difficulty with personal relationships, use the Heart Chakra essence blend.


Love, compassion, equanimity, peace, and prana, the breath of life, are the main themes of the Heart Chakra. You become oriented to living in the present moment with peace and equanimity. The web of life held together creates balance and wholeness and love unifies spirit and matter.

For more information about the Heart Chakra Essence Blend, the flower and tree essences in it, and the adamite, drusy quartz, emerald, emerald calcite, kunzite, Mangano calcite, prehnite, rhodochrosite, rose quartz, and watermelon tourmaline that energetically charged it – click on the picture.