Mid-August 2015: Crystal Grounding

Crystal Grounding

crystalsSummer is coming to an end, and soon students will be back to school. So much to do to prepare! Astrological effects are still in full swing (see August Newsletter) creating opportunities for creativity and conflict. And high-frequency spiritual energy downloads continue, challenging our bodies as we integrate this new information. Last year I remade the Self-Heal Flower Essence, and this year I remade Pathfinder. What a powerful duo!

Crystals contribute part of the signature of each essence. I started using crystals when making the flower essences in 2004. Partly the idea came to me because I had a hard time grounding the high-frequency energies running through my body. Often my legs were jumpy and my body jittery. My Guidance confirmed this would be helpful. Not surprising crystals started calling to me. I’d walk through a store and hear “Hey, over here!” Once in the general area of the call, I’d scan and then use kinesiology to find the specific stone drawing my attention. I rarely knew the quality of the stone or what essence would need it. Usually the next summer, it would be part of a new essence. This is one of the unique features of our essences. Since the incorporation of crystals, my body is much more grounded and less stressed. Many of our customers have had similar experiences using our essences and blends.

The photo is a selection of the crystals used in making the Self Heal and Pathfinder Flower Essences, and the DuRen Meridian Blend, and the Stress Relief Aromatherapy Mister. Self Heal is a key essence in both of these blends. Pathfinder is a primary essence in DuRen and a complement to Stress Relief Mister. They are all on special from Mid-August to Mid-September.

InJoy, Diana

Self-Heal Flower Essence

Self-HealSelf-heal, native to Eurasia and now found on all continents, has long been known as an overall healer. It is used as a wound healer to stop bleeding and accelerate tissue regeneration. It lowers blood pressure and removes obstructions of the liver and gallbladder. Self-heal has a strong antibiotic action against many microbes that cause serious illnesses and can be used as a gargle for sore throats.

On the flower essence level, Self Heal clears interference patterns that misalign the chakras and cause the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual symptoms. By aligning and balancing all of the chakras, it enhances your ability to receive downloads of information from many dimensions and to integrate this information with ease. Self Heal Flower Essence also moves your body into resonance with the Earth’s electromagnetic fields and heartbeat. It strengthens the energy circuits that affect the alignment of the spine, cerebral spinal fluid balance, and pressure in the head. This brings more ease to the head, neck, shoulders, back, and hips, and helps you feel clearer and more grounded in your body. This enables your body/mind to function coherently.

As Self-Heal flower essence says of itself:

I AM balanced and aligned chakras that receive spiritual frequencies with ease.

For more information Self-Heal Flower Essence and the crystals that energetically grounded this essence – amber, azurite, blue aragonite, danburite, drusy quartz, icosahedron quartz, moldavite, and smokey quartz with chlorite inclusions – go to the link below.

» More Information on Self-Heal

Pathfinder Flower Essence

PathfinderPathfinder plant grows from southern Canada to Northern California at low to middle elevations in moist, dense shady forests and in open areas within woodlands. Pathfinder plants get most of their sunlight from temporary patches of light that move around the forest floor called “sun flecks.” Tiny daisy-like flowers grow atop slender stalks. Heart-shaped leaves grow close to the ground at the bottom of the stalk. Each leaf is bright green on the top and silvery on the bottom. As you walk along a forest trail, turn over the leaf to show the silvery bottom and it will show you the way back.

On the flower essence level, Pathfinder brings the vibrational octaves of the ley lines (energy meridians) of the Earth, the organ energy meridians of the human subtle bodies, and the cosmic pathways of light and sound into resonant harmony, which improves your health and well-being. Spins the Earthstar chakra, the 3rd eye chakra, and the star chakra.

As Pathfinder flower essence says of itself:

I AM vibrant health stemming from harmonious dimensional alignment.

For more information about Pathfinder Flower Essence and the crystals that energetically grounded this essence – amber, andalusite, black onyx, drusy quartz, icosahedron cut quartz, Inca jade, moldavite, stibnite, and tektite – go to the link below.

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Stress Relief Aromatherapy Mister

Stress Relief When life is full of doing and feels stressful, this mister helps you stay lighthearted, grounded, and centered during the many activities and responsibilities of your day. It reminds you to slow down and created time to nourish, center and comfort yourself.

Great at work, school, and when shuttling children between activities.

Use after work, school, or errands to slow down and relax.

Use before bed for restful sleep.
Takes off the edge during emotionally charged situations.
Brings you back to your heart and your inner knowing.

Flower Essences:
Black Gooseberry – Search your inner counsel for the truth of your deepest wisdom. Access that wisdom emanating from the core of your being.
Devil’s Club – Provides solace to those who are world-weary. Turns thorns into a healing balm and reconnects you to your spiritual roots.
Lavender – Sweet dreams are made by allowing thoughts to drift through your mind. Strengthens the boundary of your personal space.
Self-Heal – Encourages the state of balance from which whole Body/Being integration flows by balancing the chakras along the spine.

Essential Oils:
Vetiver – reduces stress and tension, calming, promotes restful sleep.
Lavender – brings inner calm, peace of mind, and freedom from emotional and mental stress.
Geranium – Exudes a light aroma of roses and gives a gentle lift to the body, emotions, mind, and spirit.

For more information about Stress Relief and the crystals that energetically charged it – drusy quartz, green calcite, ocean jasper, and red jasper go to the link below.

» More Information on Stress Relief

Du/Ren Energy Meridian Blend

Du/Ren Meridan BlendThe Du and Ren meridians are two of the eight Extraordinary Meridians. The Du meridian (AKA Governing Vessel) controls all of the yang meridians and is the reservoir of yang energy. The Ren (AKA Conception Vessel) monitors and directs the yin meridians and is the reservoir of yin energy. They supply and circulate chi in the body, and sustain core strength and energy for life.

Use DuRen Energy Meridian Essence Blend when you feel chronically exhausted or unstable to your core – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. The Du Ren Blend works at the points on the Du and Ren meridians, including the chakras, to integrate high-frequency energies into your body. When this process flows smoothly your body/mind/spirit connection stays within the balance of dynamic equilibrium. A balanced Ren meridian enhances emotional, mental, and spiritual stability restores life force and vitality. It regulates the 3 spaces (burners) and related organs. A balanced Du meridian enhances emotional, mental, and physical strength to stand in your own power, and encourages you to have the “spine” to engage life from your authentic self.

For more information about the Du Ren Energy Meridian Blend and the drusy quartz, hematite, Lemurian seed crystal, moonstone, stibnite, and sunstone crystals that energetically charged it, go to the link below.

» More Information on Du/Ren Organ Energy Meridian Blend

In the midst of this busy time, take a few moments to ground yourself.
When you feel yourself going into stress overload, reach for Stress Relief
or Du Ren and come back to your grounded center.

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