Mid-July 2022: The Tree Guardians

Tree Frog Farm drivewaySummertime is in full swing! The birds are trilling and chirping, awakening us each morning with their sweet songs. The bees are buzzing about pollinating our flowers and trees. The smell of the warm salty air here in the PNW is quite intoxicating. At night, the phosphorescence glows around the fish and ocean creatures swimming below the surface.
On land, all around us are majestic fir, cedar, and cottonwood trees. Some are towering above us like giants watching over the land. Some, just little saplings grow next to their towering kin. Being always aware of the trees I’m in awe of their history on this earth. Imagine the generations of human inhabitants that the oldest trees around us have seen grow and age below them! I call these ancient giants ‘the Guardians’. Tall trees towering before the driveway leading to Tree Frog Farm, some lining the roadways along the 9 mile loop around Lummi Island. There are Guardian trees on either side of our street as well, just half a mile down the road from the farm. The more you look for these towering beauties, the more you begin to notice just how small we are in comparison.
Tree Spirit
An enchanting orchard of apple trees grow nearby, along with the most awe-inspiring circle of visibly unique trees, with their oddly human-like statures. They have developed this way as they grew over old tree stumps giving them the appearance of legs.They are magical; you can feel their loving presence as you walk past them. Do you have a unique tree or trees you have been drawn to? Did you have a favorite tree growing up that you would sit under or swing from as a child? Some have trees that were planted in their honor when they were born, like a friend of mine. He has a tree his father planted that is now the guardian of his childhood home. It has grown into a prominent and towering California Red Wood in it’s 50 years on this planet!

Trees are crucial to our comfort, especially the shade they offer us, especially in the summer sun. Give thanks to the trees you are drawn to. Sit and connect with the trees. Quiet your mind and see if you can’t hear their messages.

We hope everyone is enjoying their summer, wherever you live! When the world around us seems to be ripe with hypocrisy, and you wonder how things could get any more absurd, it is an excellent time to step back and seek the ancient wisdom of the trees and plants for some solace and pure, unaffected loving guidance. When wisdom seems lacking, connect to nature and Earth’s Wisdom.


Grand Fir Tree Essence

Grand Fir Tree

Use Grand Fir Tree Essence when you want to develop your ability to be focused and present outside of the everyday 3rd-dimensional reality. When you are aware of and can function outside of time but have difficulty functioning in your daily life or go through daily life as if the illusion of 3rd-dimensional time were the only reality, Grand Fir Tree Essence is essential.

Helpful when you have difficulty sleeping because your circadian rhythms have been disturbed, and when you have headaches in the forehead and occipital area.

Grand Fir Tree Essence works in the energy circuits that relate to the 3rd eye chakra, the pre-frontal cortex of the brain, and the pineal gland. Also known as the god-brain, it is located in front of the brain above the eyebrows. Imaging studies show that it is active during meditation and spiritual experiences. The god-brain transcends individuality and seeks oneness with All-That-Is. It experiences time as non-linear – flowing forward, backward, or not existing. Grand Fir Tree Essence encourages you to keep your attention present, and your actions focused and grounded while experiencing time as fluid.

Grand Fir Tree Essence may also help with memory. As you pay interested attention to something you are learning. When thinking a bit about it, staring off into space you trigger your prefrontal cortex to integrate that into your memory. Grand Fir Tree Essence can help focus this process.

As Grand Fir Tree Essence says of itself:

I AM a grounded presence experiencing oneness with All-That-Is.

For more information about Grand Fir Tree Essence the imprint of spirit song coming through Diana’s voice, and the crystals that energetically grounded this essence – amber, amethyst, azeztulite, drusy quartz, icosahedron cut quartz, Jeffrey quartz, moldavite, rutilated quartz, stibnite, tektite, and tiger’s eye, click HERE or the picture.

Shore Pine Tree Essences

Shore Pine Tree

Use Shore Pine Tree Essences when you recognize past life experiences that are holding you back, keeping you feeling disempowered. Useful when you are afraid to stand in your power because it might cause something bad to happen. When you know you are more than your Earth body and soul part but are afraid to connect with other dimensional aspects of yourself, Shore Pine Tree Essence is an encouraging ally.

Shore Pine Tree Essence rewrites contracts and heals disempowering experiences from past lives that keep you from owning the authority of your Divine Self. It helps you to become aware of aspects of Self that are living on other dimensions and to begin the process of developing mental, emotional, and body confidence to integrate consciously with them. By doing this it encourages you to live the authority of your Soul!

As Shore Pine Tree Essence Says of Itself:

I AM the confidence to connect with my multidimensional self and the courage to live by the authority of my Soul.

For more information about Shore Pine Tree Essence, the sound imprints, and the crystals that energetically grounded this essence, click. HERE or the picture.

Cottonwood Tree Essence

Cottonwood Tree

Use Cottonwood Tree Essence when you want to radiate Love but don’t feel able. Helpful when you are unable to sink your roots into the waters of your unloved emotions and bring them into the light. Useful when you feel a lack of harmony with Nature.

Cottonwood Tree Essence brings you into the swampy waters of your unloved unconscious emotions and nurtures them to grow into Love by encouraging you to shine the warmth of your Sun, your Higher Consciousness, on them. Instead of acting out destructive behaviors resulting from soul loss from the culturally conditioned belief that humans are separate from the rest of nature, unleash your Love and let it become your daily operating system. Cottonwood Tree Essence works individually to inspire harmony within your connection to Nature, and collectively to inspire harmony within all of the species of Nature, including humans.

As Cottonwood Tree Essence says of itself:

I AM Love and harmony seeding effortlessly throughout Nature.

For more information about Cottonwood Tree Essence and the crystals that energetically grounded this essence – amber, aquamarine, drusy quartz, green heulandite, green tourmaline, icosahedron cut quartz, moldavite, ocean jasper, pink cobalto calcite, pink opaque calcite, quartz points and wavellite, click
HERE or the picture.

Electrical System Integration (ESI) Blend


Enliven your energy matrix! Electrical System Integration (ESI) Blend enhances communication between all of the electrical circuitry in and around your body providing energetic ease. This includes your connection to the matrix of the universal All-That-Is, energy fields, chakras, organ energy meridians, cells & nervous systems. ESI does not take the place of balancing individual chakras, organs, or other systems.

During spiritual growth, it is common for body systems to be challenged. Strange symptoms may occur that don’t seem to have a cause or be related. Electrical Systems Integration is an effective ally during this process to realign the affected systems and strengthen overall electrical communication throughout the body.

Here are examples of how Electrical Systems Integration has worked for our customers:

• Bringing the body into balance when you feel out of sorts or energetically overloaded.
• Enhancing body-wide communication between the cells leads to clearer thinking, more stable emotional states, more life-force energy, and a brighter outlook on life.
• Creating better communication between the root chakra and the peripheral nerves in the legs opened the chakra in the feet and resulted in feeling more grounded.
• Enhancing the communication between the stomach organ energy meridian and the solar plexus chakra improves digestion.
• Relieving a sense of shattering and overload of the energy circuits that relate to the nervous system reduces amped-up sensations and creates stability and calm.
• Enhancing cellular communication and reconnecting the injured area to the matrix of the universal All-That-Is helped to repair wounds.
• Rebalancing the energetics of an area of land that was temporarily disrupted because the Nature Beings were making adjustments assisted the people living there to feel more relaxed and grounded.

For more information about Electrical Systems Integration Essence Blend, the flower and tree essences in it, and the crystals that energetically grounded it – amazonite, aragonite, black tourmaline, copper, drusy quartz, hematite, Jeffrey quartz, sunstones and Tibetan black quartz, click HERE or the picture.

Earth Wisdom Essence Blend

Earth Wisdom

Use Earth Wisdom Essence Blend when you are feeling emotional, exhausted, or burnt out by the state of our planet, Mother Earth. This could come from the current climate crisis, pollution, earthquakes, fires, rising sea levels, flooding, environmental degradation, fracking, water quality, species collapse, 5G, and more. Useful when you feel overwhelmed, disheartened, or discouraged by continually reading or hearing current news about political, environmental, economic, and social injustice issues.

Earth Wisdom Flower Essence Blend invites you to attune your heart to the heart of Mother Earth. EW encourages you to act on behalf of Mother Earth by helping in your community, schools, and all people in your local neighborhood, state, nationally, and through social media. For example, a customer who is instrumental in prison and judicial system reform commented that she found Earth Wisdom Essence Blend to be very supportive in her line of work.

Let Earth Wisdom essence blend invite you to relax into the arms of Mother Earth. Let the Mother’s grounded wisdom guide you to live in peace and sacred harmony with all people and all creatures. Let love inspire you to live and work with the well-being and sacredness of our planet in your heart.

Earth Wisdom is the yang to Beauty Ways yin.

For more information about Earth Wisdom Essence Blend, the flower and tree essences in it, and the crystals that energetically charged it – chrysocolla, chrysoprase, drusy quartz, fire agate, turquoise, and variscite
click HERE or the picture.

EnLighten Aromatherapy and Essence Blend Mister

Stress Relief

The essences, essential oils, and crystals of this mister combine to create the most sacred aromatherapy blend we offer here at Tree Frog Farm. The scent is divine, soft, yummy, heart-opening, sweetly earthy, and enlivening.

• Enlighten yourself and enlighten your life! Bathe yourself with Spiritual Light. Openheartedly fill your body and mind with this Light.
• Step out of the mental chatter of your day-to-day mind. Step into the quiet of your higher mind. Settle into a peaceful meditation.
• Let Divine Love Blossom in your life! Attune your heart and higher heart chakras with the World and Universal Hearts.
• Remember you are a spiritual being. You have access to your Higher Wisdom in every moment.
• Bask in peace and joy that radiates from your Being. Be at peace within yourself.

For more information about EnLighten, the flower essences and essential oils (ylang ylang, white sage, rosewood, clary sage & western red cedar) that create this high energy, spiritually aligned mister and the crystals that energetically charged it – drusy quartz, Nirvana quartz, moldavite, prehnite, spirit quartz, and stibnite, click HERE or the picture.