Mid-June 2012: No Worry Be Happy

No Worry Be Happy

It goes like this- “In every life there comes some trouble. When you worry, you make it double. So don’t worry…Be happy. Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” Do you remember this song by Bobby McFerrin? (Check out the video.) It was the inspiration for the No Worry Be Happy Essence Spray. I grew up with a mom that was always imagining the worst. “Be careful on your bike, you might fall off. Don’t swing too high, you’ll hurt yourself.” At age 42 she still told me what clothes to wear so my relatives wouldn’t think badly of us. And when I was 45 she told me, “No you can’t go jogging on the canal bank. You might get murdered there.” I used to resent her, even after she died. Then I realized that I had taken on this same tone and was quite adept at telling myself worry and negative imagination stories. Argh!

It’s helpful to know that our brains are wired to think like this. It was useful for survival at one point. (The book “Buddha’s Brain, the practical neuroscience of happiness, love and wisdom” by Rick Hanson explains this further.) However, most of us don’t face an animal waiting to attack us from behind the next big rock. And most of us won’t be ostracized from the clan to survive on our own for wearing a different kind of clothing. Still I know just how seductive and sticky this kind of negative imagination, worry, tape-looping thinking can be. I catch the worry mind in action many times a day. Often I wake up thinking I’m already behind on the day, already late for…what?

The first step is to separate from the thoughts. They are not you, you are not them. They are imprints in the energy fields, electrical impulses firing in the brain and biochemical responses. Easy to say but not always so easy to stop the looping when it has a hold on the mind and emotions. Thankfully my Higher Consciousness and Guides were able to develop the No Worry Be Happy Essence Blend a few years ago. I can’t help but smile when I use it. No Worry Be Happy is a great friend!

Remember the Spleen and Stomach Blends? Woodland Strawberry is a key essence in both of them and it is the premier essence in the No Worry Be Happy Blend. The Spleen and Stomach Blends are focused on the specific organ. In contrast, No Worry Be Happy encompasses a broader perspective.

No Worry Be Happy Essence Spray

No Worry Be Happy blend of flower and tree essences supports flowing easily through your day focused on lighthearted playful joy instead of troubles and worries. It interrupts the sticky tape loop so you can think clearly and feel authentically. It instills hope, optimism and resilience with the ups and downs of life. No Worry Be Happy supports shifting to a more whole brain way of thinking instead of just physical or social survival. And helps you feel safe, protected, centered and calm by aligning your mind with your heart and your Higher Consciousness. When you feel unhappy, anxious or overwhelmed by the demands of your life, it helps to lift your spirits, soothes your mind and settles your body. It encourages emotional balance and feeling at ease with yourself and your experiences.

So when you catch yourself worrying, reach for the No Worry Be Happy Spray, smile and sing…”In every life there comes some trouble, when you worry you make it double, so Don’t Worry Be Happy!”

For more information about the No Worry Be Happy Essence Spray and the phantom blue quartz with blue tourmaline inclusions, charoite, chrysocolla, drusy quartz, and white and red stilbite that energetically charged it, go to the link below.

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