Mid-March 2014: Count Your Blessings

Count Your Blessings

I wrote a poem 30 years ago.

“Worry, worry, worry!

All I seem to do is worry, worry, worry.

Worry about this. Worry about that.

Worry, worry, worry about this, that…


Deep inside is a calm centered space.

When I go there I take refuge in that place,

refuge from worry, and more worry.

Shhhh-be still inside myself.”

There are times that worry–a long standing family trait–still gets a strong hold on me. You might say I’ve become a student of worry. I’ve noticed that the energies of the mind and heart get mixed up into a sticky repetitive thinking tape loop that feeds worry. When I’m in new environments or learning new tasks, sometimes I still feel worried and anxious Can I do it? Will I make a mistake? My nervous system and brain go on hyper alert and I can’t think clearly.

I’ve found that one of best ways to interrupt a worry or hyper alert mind is to count your blessings. So I’ll take No Worry Be Happy or Calm Centered Clear–both of which contain Woodland Strawberry Flower Essence–shift my attention to all of the wonderful blessings in my life and hum a little tune.

InJoy, Diana

Woodland Strawberry Flower Essence

Woodland StrawberryWoodland Strawberry is a US Pacific Northwest native groundcover that has tiny white 5-petaled rose-like flowers. The tiny strawberries are a bit mealy yet tasty and are a favorite of birds and other small critters. They don’t leave many for us humans to eat. North American indigenous peoples made a strong tea of strawberry leaves or roots for eczema, blood purifying and building, intestinal or urinary issues, night sweats, and strengthening the gums.

On the flower essence level, Woodland Strawberry flower essence helps you to separate your thoughts and feelings, which stops the emotionally charged tape loop. By establishing multi-directional channels of communication between mental and emotional functions, Woodland Strawberry Flower Essence pulses the emotional center at the heart chakra to operate independently from the cognitive brain. It also clears static from the channels of communication between your personal mental and emotional energy fields. This supports thinking clearly and feeling authentically.

As Woodland Strawberry Flower Essence says of itself:
I AM clear, free-flowing thoughts and authentic feelings.

For more information about Woodland Strawberry Flower Essence and the crystals that energetically grounded this essence–amber, clear and green apophyllite, charoite, lepidolite, white and red stilbite and drusy quartz crystals, go to the link below.

» More information on Woodland Strawberry Flower Essence

No Worry Be Happy Essence Blend

No Worry Be Happy Essence BlendNo Worry Be Happy blend of flower and tree essences supports flowing easily through your day focused on lighthearted playful joy instead of troubles and worries. Anxiousness and worry occur when the energies of thinking and feeling get mixed together between the cognitive brain and emotional heart functions, and within the mental and emotional energy fields. The No Worry Be Happy blend brings you back to your multidimensional heart while calming your mind. When you feel unhappy, anxious or overwhelmed by the demands of your life, it helps to lift your spirits, soothes your mind and settles your body. It encourages emotional balance and feeling at ease with yourself and your experiences.

For more information about the No Worry Be Happy Essence Blend and the flower and tree essences in it and the crystals that energetically charged it–blue quartz with blue tourmaline inclusions, charoite, chrysocolla, drusy quartz, and white and red stilbite, go to the link below.

» More information on No Worry Be Happy Essence Blend

Calm Centered Clear Essence Blend

Calm Centered Clear Essence BlendCalm Centered Clear is a blend of flower essences that work together to help you learn new information quickly and integrate both cognitive and energetic information with ease. If you feel worried or anxious when you are in new environments or learning new tasks, your nervous system and brain may go on hyper alert making it difficult to think clearly. Calm Centered Clear will be a helpful ally. It helps you to approach each new situation fresh without automatic associations and reactions, and to remain calm, clear minded, embodied, with appropriate boundaries, confident and at ease with yourself during this process.

For more information about Calm Centered Clear Essence Blend and the flower and tree essences in it and the crystals that energetically charged it–black obsidian, charoite, drusy quartz, lapis, red jasper and smokey quartz with chlorite inclusions, go to the link below.

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Instead of “falling asleep” in worry, reach for your flower essence allies, shift your attention and “wake up” by counting your blessings!

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