Flash Sale – Customer Appreciation Take 2

Thank you to all of our wonderful customers for supporting our small business! We are truly grateful! You are supporting a dream by helping Tree Frog Farm Flower Essences grow!

All Organ Energy Meridian Essence Blends
All Chakra Essence Blends
15% Off!

We made a goof on the last Customer Appreciation Flash Sale that went out on September 4th during our vacation. The prices weren’t changed to the sale amounts so customers were charged the full retail price. Oops! Orders went out starting our first day back from vacation and the next day Stu processed over-payment returns.

We’ve all talked it over and have decided to offer another way to say thanks to you, our customers:

Customer Appreciation – Take 2

All 1oz Organ Energy Meridian Essence Blends and all 1oz Chakra Essence Blends are on special at 15% off now through the rest of September. That is over a $3 savings per product!!

And because the products from the last flash sale are so useful right now, they will remain on special through September 17th. They are Hardy Fuchsia, Garnet Hollyhock, Joe Pye Weed, Michaelmas Daisy, and Arnica Flower Essences and Fresh Start Aromatherapy and Flower Essence Mister.

InJoy, Diana, Stu and Rhaychell

All 1oz Organ Energy Meridian Essence Blends

1 oz Organ Energy Meridian Flower Essence Blends from Tree Frog Farm

$20.25  $17.21

1 oz (30 ml) bottle 

For more information about the Organ Meridian Essence Blends, click on the group picture. 

Earth Elements

Spleen: Use the Spleen Organ Meridian Blend when you want to calm excessive and obsessive thinking by rerouting that energy back into the body for life energy. It helps you to use this life force energy for motivation and will to put ideas into action. Provides a deep sense of inner home, of living in your body.

Stomach: Use the Stomach Organ Meridian  Blend when you experience worry, anxiety, feel unsafe, ungrounded, and are co-dependent in relationships. It helps you to balance your appetite for food and stimulates your appetite for life. It encourages self-nourishment, gracefully receiving abundance, and confidently stepping into the world.

Fire Elements

Pericardium Heart: Use Pericardium Heart Organ Meridian Blend when you feel heartbroken, attention-seeking, feel distant and dead inside, or lack joy and passion for life. Helpful when you have difficulty being in your body and confusion about personal boundaries.

Small Intestine: Use Small Intestine Organ Meridian Blend when you want relationships that are supportive and nurturing to your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Helpful to transform food, feelings, and ideas into useful ingredients for the body/mind and to sort information to make better-informed choices. 

Triple Burner: Use Triple Burner Organ Meridian Blend to balance and circulate warmth and water through your body. Brings social warmth and joy into your life and regulates the three burners and related organs. It helps the body to regulate and integrate higher frequency spiritual energies that enter your body through the chakras. Each of which relates to an endocrine gland. It supports you to find your individuality, create your relationships, and your way of relating to the world.

Metal/Air Elements

Large Intestine: Use large Intestine Organ Meridian Blend to activate letting of what is no longer useful on any level in your life – attitudes like not good enough, emotions like old grief or guilt, an old self-image, or relationships that do not honor your worth. It unblocks stagnation and rigidity allowing flexibility, movement, and change.

Lung: Use Lung Organ Meridian Blend when you experience sadness, grief, loss, rejection, abandonment, depression longing, and a sense of emptiness. It aligns you with the rhythmic order of life, breath and supports you to engage the ebb and flow of life and loss with ease. You begin to accept your unique self, recognize your brilliance, your self-worth, and share your true self with joy.

Water Elements

Bladder: Use the Bladder Organ Meridian Blend when you want to shift from fear-based existence to living with the sustained energy, confidence, adaptability, and flexibility needed to fully engage your daily life. Helpful when you have a deep need to control your environment from the experience of trauma.

Kidney: Use Kidney Organ Meridian Blend when you want to transform fear to confidence, will, and motivation, and to shift shock to resilience. It encourages you to stand in your power and restores access to the source of your physical life force.

Wood Elements

Gallbladder: Use Gallbladder Organ Meridian Blend when you want to speak your truth and transform anger toward others into creative solutions. It facilitates clear thinking in the gallbladder’s role as the strategist, decision-maker, and implementer of effective action. Supports detoxifying.

Liver: Use Liver Organ Meridian Blend when you experience anger turned in on yourself, are self-critical, feel you are a victim or have addictions. It supports you to speak your truth and use anger as motivation for change. It facilitates clear thinking in the liver’s role as the big picture planner, organizer, and implementer. Supports detoxifying.

Du Ren: 

Use Du Ren Organ Meridian Blend when you want core strength and stability. A balanced Ren meridian enhances emotional, mental, and spiritual stability restores life force and vitality. A balanced Du meridian enhances emotional, mental, and physical strength to stand in your power. Encourages you to have the “spine” to engage life from your authentic self. When the Du and Ren meridians are in harmony your body/mind/spirit connection stays within the balance of dynamic equilibrium.


Use the Brain Organ Blend when you want clearer thinking, more focus, better memory, and increased emotional and mental stability. It increases whole-brain functioning by supporting the energetic pathways that facilitate neural and biochemical communication between all parts of the brain and related functions in the body. This leads to a greater sense of well-being.

All 1oz Chakra Flower Essence Blends

For more information about the Chakra Essence Blends, click on the group picture. 

Root Chakra: 

Use the Root Chakra Essence  Blend when you experience shock, fear for physical safety, the fight/flight/freeze response. Feelings leading to panic, living in the past with an inability to release memories, and fear of scarcity. 

Survival, being grounded, and unity within the family, tribe, group, and collective consciousness are the main themes of the Root Chakra that are supported by the Root Chakra Flower Essence Blend.

Sacral Chakra: 

Use the Sacral Chakra Essence  Blend when you experience low self-esteem, taking things personally, anger, guilt, regret, and being emotionally dependent.

Emotions, the duality of self vs. other, cooperation vs. competition, and physical empowerment are the main themes of the Sacral Chakra that are supported by the Sacral Chakra Flower Essence Blend.

Solar Plexus Chakra: 

Use the Solar Plexus Chakra Essence Blend when you experience mind chatter, obsessive unfocused thinking, brain fog. Habits of inertia and procrastination. Common emotions are worry, anxiety, anger, shame, disappointment, envy, and jealousy.

Calming mind chatter, using higher thinking to regulate emotions, engaging will, and sustaining energy to create and manifest are the main themes of the Solar Plexus Chakra that are supported by the Solar Plexus Chakra Flower Essence Blend.  

Heart Chakra: 

Use the Heart Chakra Essence Blend when you shut off feelings, become emotionally disabled, and self-destructive. Common emotions are sadness, grief, sorrow, feeling bereft or heartbroken.

Love, compassion, equanimity, and peace are the main themes of the Heart Chakra. The web of life held together with love unifies spirit and matter, creating balance and wholeness. Breath of life, prana. All of these are supported by the Heart Chakra Flower Essence Blend.

Throat Chakra: 

Use the Throat Chakra Essence Blend when you experience difficulty expressing truth and feelings, have a habit of thinking or speaking negatively about yourself and others, are unable to think and verbalize what you want to create.

Communication, creativity through sound, vibrational resonance, and clairaudience are the main themes of the Throat Chakra that are supported by the Throat Chakra Flower Essence.

Third Eye Chakra: 

Use the Third Eye Chakra Essence Blend when you relate only to the physical world to the exclusion of anything non-physical or, alternately, want to live only from what you see as spiritual. Useful when you are having difficulty interpreting what you see during psychic openings, meditation, or journeying, or when ordinary and etheric realities intertwine.

Sight, insight, an experience beyond time and space, precognition, creative visualization, clairvoyance and safely opening your etheric sight are the main themes of the Third Eye Chakra, aka Brow Chakra, that are supported by the Third Eye Chakra Flower Essence Blend. 

Crown Chakra: 

Use the Crown Chakra Essence Blend when you experience headaches, alienation, boredom, apathy, and inability to learn because the Crown Chakra is too closed. Use the Crown Chakra Flower Essence Blend when you experience being detached from the world, dizziness, and mental disorders because the Crown Chakra is too open.

Consciousness, higher thought, selflessness, integrity, wisdom, spiritual awareness, and non-duality are the main themes of the Crown Chakra supported by the Crown Chakra Flower Essence Blend.

Unified Spirit & Wholeness -15 Chakras Blend: 

Use Unified Spirit and Wholeness Chakra Essence Blend when you want to experience grounded spiritual illumination. It is helpful when you want to feel brighter and fully engaged with yourself, and when you want internal peace and to live with higher awareness. It inspires expansive, heart-centered, practical action as you walk in your soul’s purpose and helps you feel integrated as a whole human being. 

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