Mid-September 2022: Open Your Healing Heart

Mid-September seems to bring with it a calming and supportive energy after the rush back to school has subsided into a new routine. Summer is fading, and the days are slowly getting shorter, the nights cooler.

Living with an open heart, and feeling love and gratitude for life, and everything we experience in the world can be easier said than done. Having compassion for yourself and others can be a challenge for many. Yesterday morning Gabor Mate was being interviewed by Amy Goodman on Democracy Now. He is a brilliant man who endured early childhood trauma, and instead of letting it close his heart he allowed his experiences to transform him. He shares his thoughts and research in a way that speaks compassion and hope for those who feel hopeless and lost. He has given me such wonderful insight into the inner workings of human psychology, and his voice is incredibly soothing. If you aren’t familiar with his work, I recommend looking him up!

Going confidently in the direction you desire for your life can be much more difficult when your heart isn’t open. The essences and essence blends in this mid-month newsletter are helpful when you need support opening your wounded heart and shifting your situation into something that you want for yourself rather than getting stuck by the difficulties perceived to be in the way.

Fall is often a time when we need to center ourselves and focus on the task at hand. Calm Centered Clear makes a wonderful companion for the back-to-school routine. We are also featuring two of our Box Sets: Shape-Shift Your Life Set of 6, and the Chakra Essence Blends Set of 8. Get these two sets on special until October. We have our Heart Chakra Essence Blend highlighted on special, along with four IFE’s (individual flower essences) that can be helpful when you are feeling a blockage or despair of the heart. Find your creative path again! Rediscover what brings you joy and allow yourself to relax into a more peaceful place this fall.

Open your heart, let forgiveness in, and live with joy –


As part of our Customer Appreciation Month, we are sending everyone a quartz crystal that has been cleared with Tree Frog Farm selenite and ready to be your healing helper. Here is a link to the Crystal Vault Encyclopedia for more information on quartz crystals and their amazing healing and helping abilities. We have really enjoyed hand picking a crystal for each package we ship out. We hope you have enjoyed receiving them as much as we have enjoyed gifting them.

4th Chakra: Heart Essence Blend

Heart chakra

Love, compassion, equanimity, peace, and prana, the breath of life, are central themes of the heart chakra. The web of life together with love unifies spirit and matter, creating balance and wholeness. Chakras are wheel-shaped vortexes of energy where consciousness and matter meet. There are seven major chakras. When they are open and clear, we experience vibrant health and aliveness. When they are clogged and sluggish, we begin to experience symptoms of dis-ease on the physical, emotional, and mental levels. Each chakra operates within a specific frequency band related to the color and element. Life-force energy comes through each chakra, passing through the energy fields and entering the body. Each chakra connects to an area of the spine and an endocrine gland, triggering related qualities and symptoms. This page describes the heart chakra and the Heart Chakra Flower Essence Blend.

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Box Set of 8 Chakra Essence Blends

8 pack

Get the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown, and Unified Spirit & Wholeness Chakra Flower Essence Blends in a convenient 8-pack box set.

Comes with instruction for suggested use and care information inside the box.

Box makes for convenient travel and safe keeping storage for your chakra blends on the go.

Makes a great gift!

Save 15% on this boxed set until the end of the month!

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Shape-Shift Your Life! Box Set of 6 Essences

Box set

The essences of this set work together to help you confidently create what you want for your life! These 6 essences are supportive when you need to refocus what you say to yourself and others about what you want in life – instead of what isn’t happening.

Hawthorn Tree Essence Shape-shifts your creative process! When blocks and slowdowns get in your way, stay with the process instead of falling into anger and confusion. Use the magic of clear, intense, spiritually aligned intention to create exactly what you want to happen.

Blackcap Raspberry Flower Essence brings awareness and moves through ingrained patterns that block your ability to present yourself and your unique gifts to the world.

Camas Lily Flower Essence Speak what you want to create! Supports intentionally using your thoughts and voice to create what you want and need to manifest a meaningful and potent life.

Douglas Fir Tree Stand in your own power, solidly rooted in your legs. Ground your ideas and confidently step out with practical action.

Evergreen Huckleberry transforms the disheartened malaise of joyless stress into engaging life with curiosity, enthusiasm, and deep stillness. Releases feeling overly responsible for things.

Western Columbine Flower Essence instills visceral body confidence for living a fully engaged and competent life.

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Calm Centered Clear Life Process Essence Blend


Calm Centered Clear supports you at the day-to-day level and while experiencing spiritual growth. It is a blend of flower essences that work together to help you learn new information quickly and integrate both cognitive and energetic information with ease. It settles your overactive mind chatter.

Calm Centered Clear helps you to approach each new situation fresh without automatic associations and reactions, to remain calm, embodied, with appropriate boundaries, confidence, and at ease with yourself during this process. Calm Centered Clear helps to calm emotional outbursts related to sensory or emotional overload and is helpful for ADD, ADHD, and sensory integration. It is great for students, teachers, and spiritual seekers.

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Motherwort Essence


Use Motherwort Flower Essence when feeling an unresolved shock to the emotional heart. Could be from a trauma, neglect, or loss of a loved one – may lead to feeling detached and joyless. You may feel separated from Spirit, be overtly self-critical, approval seeking, or feel like you are ‘less’ than others. There may be the hardness in your communication and actions to cover up insecurity.

Other symptoms might include depression, high or low blood pressure, hyper or hypothyroidism, physical heart problems, nervous anxiety, and emotional exhaustion. These symptoms may appear or become accentuated during menopause.

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Hardy Fuchsia Essence

Hardy Fuchsia

Use Hardy Fuchsia Flower Essence when you energetically shut down your heart due to fear of being hurt—protecting your heart by not engaging with other people and or behaving immaturely in interactions and relationships as a way of separating yourself from other people. Helpful when sexuality is divorced from a loving heart.

Hardy Fuchsia flower essence is also helpful when you want to deepen your “intuitive knowing” from the heart.

The heart is the body’s primary electromagnetic field-producing oscillator. Within this heart-generated dynamic electromagnetic field, we live our lives. Healing can occur when we resonate with this field. Hardy Fuchsia Flower Essences helps align you with the resonance of the heart’s electromagnetic field. The imprint of the hearts experiences which no longer serve you transform into what you want to create in your life.

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Peace Rose Essence

Peace rose

Peace Rose Flower Essence encourages you to open your heart and orient toward peace. It connects you with the compassionate energy of Kwan Yin to melt away anger and fear, so you can learn to love again. Peace Rose invites you to forgive the person or situation that caused the injury or even the perception of injury. This brings peace that surpasses all understanding. Once you have forgiven the person, situation, or circumstance your heart can be opened, and a deep well of love and joy can be drawn upon at any time.

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Golden Celebration Rose Essence

Golden Celebration Rose

Golden Celebration Rose Flower Essence wakes up both your awareness of your personal integrity shield and your connection to the sweet song of the Universe. This allows you to sense the golden column of light through the center of your body, which creates protection from the inside out. From this deeply relaxed and safe place, you can let down your armor and engage life with enthusiasm. Throw open the window of your heart and breathe in the deep joy and peace of the Universe!

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