November 2006: Gratitude: Orange Wild honeysuckle

Meadow RueA few days ago we had the first freeze of the season at Tree Frog Farm, heralding the end of the harvest season and a time to offer thanks for the bounty of the harvest and our lives. I’ve also been feeling a lot of gratitude for the new Orange Wild Honeysuckle Flower Essence that came through in June of this year.

Gratitude: Orange Wild Honeysuckle

Orange honeysuckle vines climb wildly though the understory bushes in undisturbed woods of Lummi Island. Its natural habitat is open woods to deep forest from sea level to middle elevations along the Pacific Coast of southern British Columbia to Northern California, west to Montana. We planted several bushes among other native bushes at the edge of our woods. This summer it was a delight to watch hummingbirds sip the sweet nectar from the stunning orange trumpet-shaped flowers.

In the late summer orange translucent berries form; they are believed by some sources to be edible and by others to possibly be poisonous. Indigenous peoples used the stem fibers to make mats, blankets and capes. Stout vines were used to reinforce suspension bridges. 
 Ethnobotanical healing uses include treatment of colds & sore throats, reproductive issues, and epilepsy. Orange honeysuckle was also used as a sedative.

As a flower essence, Orange Wild Honeysuckle balances and retrains the nervous system towards peacefully engaging life. It helps you to slow down the pace of your life, feel more comfortable in your body, and grow into experiencing the richness of being fully who you are. The balance of neuro-electrical and biochemical stimuli through out the whole nervous system determines how revved or calm we feel. Orange Wild Honeysuckle Flower Essence facilitates the process of balance through the energetic-electrical systems that in turn promote balance in the physical nervous system. When you entrain your nervous system to balance, you facilitate the process of feeling comfortable and at home in your body.

As Orange Wild Honeysuckle Flower Essence says of itself:

I AM peacefully and calmly engaging life as my authentic self.

My experience of feeling my usually revved body more calm and comfortable has led to a body sense of gratitude.  And in this season of Thanksgiving, I give thanks for Orange Wild Honeysuckle Flower Essence. Gratitude feeds gratitude.

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