Mid-July 2017: Summer of Compassionate Love

Summer is in full swing! Stu and I have been harvesting shiso leaves for our signature red shiso base and the labyrinth garden is in glorious bloom. The light pink rose in the background is the Our Lady of Guadalupe Rose. She is a beauty who invites us to live from our Higher Heart!

Spirea is blooming in the hedge at the edge of the woods. It invites us to compassionately and generously serve others with an open heart. The time we live in now calls us to shine a light of compassionate love through the fog of bigotry. Spirea flower essence is an ally in support of this.

In the last newsletter I highlighted the Organ Blend for Triple Burner, a summer season, fire element system. Small Intestine, Pericardium and Heart are also summer season, fire element systems. Spirea is a key essence in both the Small Intestine and Pericardium Heart Organ Blends. Our Lady of Guadalupe Rose is the quintessential essence for the Pericardium Heart Blend and a complement to the Small Intestine Blend. All of these are on special mid-July to mid-August.

InJoy, Diana

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This summer, and all year ‘round, practice openhearted compassion and love. Life is much sweeter when you do.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Rose Flower Essence

As you open your heart to the Love of the Universe, you may find yourself experiencing symptoms like feeling jittery, over stimulated, or swinging between being full of energy and extremely tired. Closing down your heart against the intensity of feeling higher love energies is also a common response. Our Lady of Guadalupe Rose Flower Essence operates through the Heart and Higher Heart chakras to gently calm the nervous system and facilitate the integration of higher love frequencies into your physical body at a rate that you can handle. It encourages you to keep your heart and higher heart chakras open even if the intensity of these feelings is unfamiliar or overwhelming.

As Our Lady of Guadalupe Rose Flower Essence says of itself:

I AM conductor and regulator of love, through the heart and higher heart, as it seats into your physical form.

For more information about Our Lady of Guadalupe Flower Essence and the crystals that energetically grounded this essence – amber, cherry quartz, danburite, drusy quartz, Herkimer diamond, icoshedron quartz, morganite, nirvana quartz, Peruvian pink opal, pink Lemurian seed crystal, pink tourmaline & quartz, rhodochrosite and rose quartz  – click on the picture for more info.

Spirea Flower Essence

Spirea Flower Essence invites you to pull down the barriers around your heart and to experience that it is safe to be open. It encourages you to embody divine light and to live a fully engaged life filled with compassionate equanimity. Spirea Flower Essence sparks your creativity to be used generously in service to others and our Mother Earth. It enhances physical vitality from the heart. Spirea Flower Essence balances all of the chakras, the cerebral spinal fluid and the cranial bones after an expansion experience.

As Spirea Flower Essence says of itself:

I AM compassionate equanimity pouring forth from an open and generous Spirit-filled heart.

For more information about Spirea Flower Essence and the crystals that energetically grounded this essence – amber, carnelian, drusy quartz, garnet, Herkimer diamond, icosahedron quartz, moldavite, rhodonite, ruby, and rutilated quartz – click on the picture for more info.

Small Intestine Organ Energy Meridian Blend

The small intestine is the heart’s pair, the yang to the heart’s yin. It is the body’s alchemist. As one of the heart protectors, its job is sorting on the physical, emotional and mental levels what is useful from what is useless, then absorbing and transforming the useful for your continued health. The small intestine meridian is most active from 1pm to 3pm. Its season is summer and its element is fire.

Symptoms: Use Small Intestine Organ Energy Meridian (OEM) Essence Blend when you have difficulty with sorting and assimilating food. When there is a small intestine imbalance, often the shoulders are pulled up and armoured. Shoulder, arm and neck pain, TMJ, strokes are typical symptoms. The main emotional pattern is a consistent problem discerning healthy relationships – whether family, lover, friend, or work. Over analyzing information or situations and difficulty sorting ideas and setting priorities are common for small intestine imbalance.

Action: The Small Intestine OEM Blend works through the energy circuits that surround the physical small intestine and the meridian that feeds spiritual energy to it. Physically, this blend supports the healthy functioning of the small intestine as it sorts and transforms food, feelings and ideas into useful ingredients for the body/mind. Structurally, it encourages dissolving armouring in the arms, shoulders neck and jaw, leading to less constriction in these areas. Emotionally, it supports you to seek relationships that are supportive and nurturing to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Mentally, Small Intestine OEM Blend helps you to sort information to make better-informed choices. A healthy small intestine system encourages openhearted joy and clear respectful communication.

For more information about the Small Intestine Organ Energy Meridian Blend, the flower and tree essences in it and the crystals that energetically charged it are carnelian, drusy quartz, fire agate, pink opaque calcite, rhodochrosite and rose quartz. – For more info click on the picture.

Pericardium Heart Organ Energy Meridian Blend

The heart is the most vital and sensitive organ in your body. Besides pumping blood, it generates the majority of the electromagnetic energy in the fields surrounding the body. The heart is the home of Spirit and is the center of creative expression. The pericardium is the physical sack around the heart. It is filled with a fluid that lubricates and protects the physical heart from bumps and shocks. Most energy healing systems do not approach the heart directly, but work through one of the heart protectors first. That is why our blend combines Pericardium with Heart.

Symptoms: Use Pericardium Heart Organ Energy Meridian (OEM) Essence Blend when you have blood circulation problems, pericardium issues or heartburn. Helpful when you feel heart-broken, try too hard to gain attention or feel distant and dead inside. Lack of joy and passion for life, being a workaholic or lethargic are indicators. Having difficulty being in your body, confusion about personal boundaries, and being sexually shut down or overactive in place of healthy relationships, especially if there have been sexual violations.

NOTE: This formula may be too strong for people who have had heart attacks or other physical heart problems. Please use the Small Intestine (above) or Triple Burner (last newsletter) formulas instead.

Action: The Pericardium Heart OEM Blend works through the energy circuits that support physical pericardium and heart functions and with the energy circuits that connect you with Spiritual heart energies through the heart and higher heart chakras. This formula strengthens your heart’s ability to generate electromagnetic fields. It supports having appropriate personal and sexual boundaries and loving respectful relationships. The Pericardium Heart blend encourages being fully embodied while joyfully and playfully circulating your creative gifts in the world. It emboldens being consciously awake with the gleam of spiritual life force shining through your eyes.

For more information about the Pericardium Heart Organ Energy Meridian Blend, the flower and tree essences in it and the crystals that energetically charged it – drusy quartz, golden topaz, nirvana quartz, pink sapphire, rhodochrosite, rhodonite and rose quartz.  For more info click on the picture.

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