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The stomach organ energy system (stomach system) is the yang to the spleen's yin. It digests food and experiences, provides nourishment, a sense of stability, center, and place on Earth. How you were received at birth and nourished by your mother impacts your ability to feel safe and nourish yourself. A balanced stomach system supports stepping out into the world with centered confidence, creating nourishing relationships, and facing the challenges of life with balanced emotions.  

The stomach meridian starts at the center of the lower eyelid, runs through the cheek and jaw, and makes a U-turn back up the side of the face to the hairline. The main branch takes off at the base of the “U” moves down the neck, through the collar bones, over the nipple, down the front of the torso, down the outside center of the leg, and exits at the index toe. To see diagrams of this meridian, press the “+ more images” link.


Use Stomach Organ Energy Meridian (OEM) Essence Blend when you have digestive issues like nausea, reflux, eating disorders, or ulcers. It is effective with sinus problems, headaches in the forehead, and TMJ. Other symptoms of the Stomach system out of balance include surface skin issues like minor rashes, worry, anxiety, feeling unsafe, ungrounded, and codependent relationships.


The Stomach OEM Blend works through the energy circuits that surround the physical stomach and the meridian that feeds spiritual energy to it. It helps to address the above-mentioned symptoms, balances your appetite for food, and stimulates your appetite for life. The Stomach Organ Blend encourages self-nourishment and gracefully receiving abundance. Structurally, it supports strong healthy muscles. The stomach OEM Blend facilitates emotional and mental stability and trusts that it is safe to confidently step into the world.


Digestion, surface skin, muscles.






Autumn/Transition between seasons

The time when Stomach Meridian functioning at peak energy:

7 AM – 9 AM

Meridian Energy Flow:


Stomach Organ Energy Meridian Blend contains the following Flower Essences and Tree Essences:

Note:  Each of these essences is grounded through crystals; Chamomile, Mullein also have sound imprints. Press the link to the individual essence page for more information.

Woodland Strawberry - Clears negative thinking, worry, and anxiety. Creates a sense of ease by separating thoughts from feelings so they can pass through your mind freely without turning into sticky emotions. Facilitates thinking clearly and feeling authentically.

Grandmother Big Leaf Maple Tree – Encourages you to relax into a sense of complete calm, serenity, and safety with Grandmother’s outstretched arms, surrounding, protecting, and nurturing you.

Osoberry - Aligns you with the ability to embody your multi-dimensional soul purpose for this lifetime while staying grounded, centered, energized, and calmly focused amidst the various activities and responsibilities of your daily life. Encourages self-care to maintain your physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing during this process.

Chamomile (German) - Calms sensitivities, irritations, and “raw nerves” where the “emotional skin” interacts with the world around you. Supports easily digesting experiences so they can comfortably be incorporated into your new understanding of life. Cultivates peaceful ease with daily life. Calms the peripheral nervous system.

Goat's Beard – Supports wholeheartedly being in your environment as a surefooted, inquisitive, quick, incisive human animal.  Innate body confidence with no sense of rush or jitteriness makes it easy to handle the flow of daily happenings. Revel in this time of being Spirit in a physical body! Enjoy being nurtured and at home on Earth.

Red-Osier Dogwood - Aligns the body/mind where frequencies are out of resonance with your evolutionary process and are disrupting your cellular body coherence.

Salal – Walk the beauty way. Enlivens experiencing beauty, presence, and equanimity, which enhances your sense of well-being. Radiate this beauty and peaceful equanimity to others in everything you do. Go de-Light-fully through your day.

Skullcap – Facilitates full integration of the spirit/soul with the physical body. Operates as an ally to keep the spirit securely tethered to the physical during out-of-body journeying.

Garry Oak Tree - Ancient wisdom for knowing how to journey through and operate within alternate dimensions in a healthy and cohered way; expanding into alternate perceptions, receiving clear verbal, kinesthetic and visual information then returning to ordinary reality with ease.

Crocosmia - encourages you to playfully engage your emotional strength, power, and will to express yourself confidently with enthusiasm.

Twinflower – Assists the body/mind to more easily take in and integrate sensory stimuli in your surroundings. Calms mental confusion and the sense of being overwhelmed from sensory overload.

Oregon Grape - Releases the habit of valuing yourself in relationship to what you think others think of you. Open yourself to accepting your true unique nature and power.

Devil's Club - Provides support and comfort when life's experiences have drained your inspiration and joy. Transforms thorns into a healing balm and reconnects you to your spiritual roots.

White Fawn Lily – Encourages deep loving introspection that grows reverence for all life and nurtures your genuine self. Then supports you to open your heart, share Peace and the gift of your authentic self with the world.

Hot Tamale Rose - Hot Tamale Rose Flower Essence offers centeredness while riding the chaos and the potential of the transformational roller coaster into the jumble, tumble years ahead. It is time-coded to support your body/mind as you adjust to shifting frequencies.

Douglas Fir Tree - Encourages you to stand in your power, solidly rooted in your legs like tree trunks.  This helps you to ground ideas and step out with practical action. Supports the peripheral nervous system in the legs.

Lily of the Valley – Facilitates connection of the circuitry between Higher Self and human brain functions, activating a sphere of All-That-Is. “Brain” (neural cells) of the heart connect with the “heart” (higher emotional functions) of the brain allowing consciousness to permeate the body, unifying Spirit and matter.

Spotted Coral Root Orchid – Harness the fuel created through the process of decomposing and releasing old emotional and energetic patterns. Use this fuel to peacefully transform your biochemistry, moods, and beliefs to higher possibilities. Harmonizes metabolism throughout the body.

Mullein - Use the strength and constancy of the sun to access courage, joy, and internal peace, instead of suffering, during difficult times. Trust that even during the darkest night, the sun will rise again in the morning.

California Poppy - Reconfigures birth trauma that contributes to the sense of powerlessness, hopelessness, anger, or lack of vitality in your life. Supports rebirthing yourself to a new life!


Energetically Charged in a Crystal Matrix of:

Drusy Quartz – Energizes and stabilizes your energy fields.

Fire Agate – Initiates waking up from the sleep of living a safe routine life and inspires a zest for living authentically and passionately with joy. Connects to all meridian points, which revitalizes the etheric and physical bodies. Aids digestion.

Inca Jade - Encourages you to delight in life, this time of being Spirit in the world of matter. Helps you move back into balance with the Earth.

Malachite – A powerful stone of protection. Restores strength and vitality by clearing and stimulating the flow of life force in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual subtle bodies. Stimulates the stomach and aids digestion.

Peridot – An Earth element stone, peridot assists you to receive with grace and gratitude as well as give of your love, time, and energy to others. It strengthens the blood, counters anemia and poor oxygenation.

Red Jasper - Instills physical vitality, emotional balance, and personal integrity. It assists you to move forward with zest instead of feeling powerless to change your life.

Sunstones – A stone of personal power, freedom, and expanded consciousness, sunstone warms and stimulates the emotional body, and transforms anger and judgment into joy by raising your vibrational frequency. It increases metabolism and digestion.


Spray top: 1 or 2 sprays orally 2 or 3 times per day.
Dropper top: 2 or 3 drops 2 or 3 times per day.

Stomach Organ Energy Meridian Essence Blend can be used by people who are sensitive to scents because it is made without essential oils.
Click here for more information on the red shiso and vinegar preservative base.

Stomach Organ Energy Meridian Blend (30 ml/1-ounce bottle)

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