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The Liver is one of the hardest working organs in the body. It secretes biochemicals, including bile, that support digestion, and other metabolic processes. It stores glycogen to be released into the blood as glucose for quick energy. The liver synthesizes blood plasma proteins, decomposes spent red blood cells, and breaks down toxins. It is necessary for life.


Use the Liver Organ Energy Meridian (OEM) Essence Blend when you have liver disease or problems with physical liver functions. A liver imbalance may affect your hips, other joints, connective tissue, or muscular structure. Arthritis is a common symptom. The liver rules the eyes and works with headaches behind the eyes. The main emotional patterns are anger turned in on yourself, self-critical, victim, or addictions. Liver imbalance can express mentally as fuzzy, confused thinking. Waking up often between 1 AM - 3 AM can indicate a physical, mental, or emotional liver imbalance.


The Liver OEM Blend works through the energy circuits that surround the physical liver and the meridian that feeds spiritual energy to it. This blend supports the healthy functioning of the liver. Can assist “liver” headaches. Structurally, it encourages the body to move with strength and grace. Emotionally, it supports you to speak your truth and use anger as motivation for change. It facilitates clear thinking in the liver’s role as the big picture planner, organizer, and implementer. Supports detoxifying.







The time when Liver Meridian at peak energy:

1 AM – 3 AM

Meridian Energy Flow:


Liver Organ Energy Meridian Blend contains the following flower & tree essences:

Note:  Each of these essences is grounded through crystals; Indian Pipe and Pink Wild Honeysuckle also have sound imprints. Press the link to the individual essence page for more information.

Vine Maple – Turns your gaze from the internal critic focusing on guilt and shame toward your Higher Self focusing on forgiveness, empowered self-worth, and tender self-love.

Dandelion - attunes you to the essence of the sun to upgrade the functioning of your liver and gallbladder systems. Assists you with clearing and expelling toxic imprints.

Burdock – Releases stuck, suppressed anger embedded deep in your body and energy fields from both present and past life experiences. Detoxifying.

Stinging Nettle – Support for coming out of the fog of living in a way that can't support our true Being. Aids in making clear choices especially about changing your relationship to toxic situations.

Oregon Grape - Releases the habit of valuing yourself in relationship to what you think others think of you. Open yourself to accepting your true unique nature and power.

Red Huckleberry -- Reorganizes energetic brain functions for easier comprehension of both the multidimensional and daily-life-on-Earth aspects of making plans, creating tasks, and putting them into action. Engenders patience during this process.

Spotted Coral Root  – Harness the fuel created through the process of decomposing and releasing old emotional and energetic patterns. Use this fuel to peacefully transform your biochemistry, moods, and beliefs to higher possibilities. Harmonizes metabolism throughout the body.

Blue Vervain – Calms agitated outbreaks of anger that come out as grumpy, bitter, irritable, or caustic. Shifts your emotional state to one of “sweet calm,” and provides the support system to reconnect your heart with your life purpose.

Evergreen Huckleberry – Interrupts the culturally instilled cycle of fear, depression, grief, anger, lack of trust or safety, then back to fear. Orients you toward your inner path of peace, harmony, and health. 

Goat's Beard – Supports wholeheartedly being in your environment as a surefooted, inquisitive, quick, incisive human animal.  Innate body confidence with no sense of rush or jitteriness makes it easy to handle the flow of daily happenings. Revel in this time of being Spirit in a physical body! Enjoy being nurtured and at home on Earth.

Skunk Cabbage- Creates sunshine from the muck of stagnant emotions. Brightens a gloomy mood and encourages living joyfully in a physical body on Earth.

Red-Osier Dogwood - Aligns the body/mind where frequencies are out of resonance with your evolutionary process and are disrupting your cellular body coherence.

Devil's Club - Provides support and comfort when life's experiences have drained your inspiration and joy. Transforms thorns into a healing balm and reconnects you to your spiritual roots.

Moon Shadow Rose - Instead of chasing shadows of your past, be open to the lessons that can be gleaned and move forward toward discovering your authentic Self. Encourages you to trust in the safety and sweetness of life.

Indian Pipe  – Activates rising above arguing, warring, resentment, and grudges to see how each person, including yourself, is playing a role in a conflict that is providing lessons for your spiritual growth. From this perspective access forgiveness, personal peace, embody the lessons, and step away from the drama.

California Poppy - Reconfigures birth trauma that contributes to the sense of powerlessness, hopelessness, anger, or lack of vitality in your life. Supports rebirthing yourself to a new life!

Mock Orange – Rhythmically releases emotional residue from your cells. Then rewrites your cellular energetic patterning to align with new healthier emotional states.

Echinacea - Breaks up whatever is holding you back and impulses letting go of old self-images that stagnate your energies and create dis-ease. Supports transition to new ways of being as you interface with your daily world.

Purple Monarda - Like the sun breaking through clouds, rays of purple spiritual light pierce the clouded human collective consciousness creating openings for high-frequency energy to flow into your experience of daily life.  Assists with staying grounded, flexible, and open-hearted while experiencing this “as above so below” transformation.

Pacific Bleeding Heart - Supports compassion for yourself and others as challenging situations unfold. Engenders compassion to see how your mind interprets stories of your life and how this affects your actions. Wrap yourself in the pink light of Divine Love, let go of any fear, and be safely at peace in your Heart’s Home.

Pink Wild Honeysuckle  - Restores childlike joy, playfulness, innocence, and openness. Inspires being enthralled with the magic in each moment. Encourages focus on what is fun, happy, and feels good instead of what is wrong or might happen.

Bloodroot - Nudges out physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual genetic patterns inherited from generations of family members to make way for the light of new potential. Reawakens living as a fully functioning human.

White Fawn Lily - Encourages deep loving introspection that grows reverence for all life and nurtures your genuine self. Then supports you to open your heart, share Peace and the gift of your authentic self with the world.

Energetically Charged in a Crystal Matrix of:

Black Tourmaline – Releases worry, anxiety, and negative attachments.  Supports cleansing toxins and heavy metals. Purifies and protects your energy fields while grounding your energy circuits into the Earth’s circuits.

Charoite - Releases victimization and negative emotions, enhances courage and appropriate assertiveness, assists with integrating heart chakra and higher mental energies.

Drusy Quartz – Helps to energize and stabilize your energy fields.

Red Aventurine - Aligns you with your highest path and encourages fortitude, discernment, commitment, and perseverance to stay on that path.

Smokey Quartz with Citrine – Removes blockages from your spiritual path, enhances metaphysical abilities, and grounds them into everyday reality. It assists in rewriting contracts made in other lives and letting go of old beliefs and thought forms that are no longer useful and are holding you back.

Sugilite – helps you to overcome feelings of hopelessness, worry, and overwhelm, or negative thinking. Enables you to see your options and remember you to have the courage to manifest your dreams.


Spray top: 1 or 2 sprays orally 2 or 3 times per day.
Dropper top: 2 or 3 drops 2 or 3 times per day.

Liver Organ Energy Meridian Essence Blend can be used by people who are sensitive to scents because it is made without essential oils.
Click here for more information on the red shiso and vinegar preservative base.

Liver Organ Energy Meridian Blend (30 ml/1-ounce bottle)

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Deep healing blend

Deep acting blend, which can be very intense for some & best paired with another soothing essence or blend, if one is experiencing deep healing which can leave us feeling extra vulnerable & not wanting to continue using it. Compared to the Gallbladder blend, this blend was immediate & intense for me; activated an old shoulder wounds several times before calming down, brought up a lot of old forgotten memories, a new perspective to old disagreements, and kicked started a passion project that I had been procrastinating on.

Vivitha Naidu :: 29 Nov 2020, 07:37

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