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Fire Element: Triple Burner Organ Energy Meridian Essence Blend


Product Information

There is no physical organ for the Triple Burner system, AKA Triple Warmer, Triple Heater, Umbulicus. It relates to all of the organs and controls relationships between them largely through the endocrine glands and hormonal distribution systems. It is the heating system of the body/mind/spirit and regulates and distributes heat and water thorough the body. It is one of the heart protectors and contributes to emotional balance. Ancient Chinese Medicine considers the torso to be divided into three sections--the upper, the mist, which relates to the heart and lungs; the middle, the foam, which relates to digestive functions-stomach, spleen, liver, gallbladder and small intestine; and the lower, the swamp, which relates to excretion-kidney, bladder and large intestine. The triple burner system works through these 3 sections. The triple burner meridian starts at the ring finger, runs through the arms and shoulders, around the ears, and through the temples to the outer edge of the eyebrow


Use Triple Burner Organ Energy Meridian (OEM) Essence Blend when you experience hot and cold physical and emotional upsets. This can express as fevers, chills, hot flashes and night sweats. You may be unable to feel or express warmth in relationships and experience a lack of emotional intimacy. You may find it difficult to be your own person, to choose our own way of experiencing life that is different from family and cultural beliefs. Triple Burner relates to autoimmune diseases such as Graves disease and lupus. Other symptoms include digestive issues and loose bowels or constipation.  It can relate to headaches in the temples and to ear problems.  Triple burner imbalance - along with imbalances in spleen, bladder or kidney systems - can manifest as edema.


The Triple Burner OEM Blend works through the energy circuits that affect metabolic processes physically, emotionally and mentally. It regulates all of the organs, and balances and circulates warmth and water through the body. Higher frequency spiritual energies enter your body through the chakras, each of which relates to an endocrine gland. The Triple Burner system helps the body to regulate and integrate these energies. Emotionally, it supports circulating social warm and joy. This system is active in utero, thus the name "umbilicus.” It distributes vital energy to the other meridians as the organs are developing. Your experience in utero can affect your ability to find your own individuality - especially from your mother and family - and to create your own warmth, your own relationships, and your own way of relating to the world.


Heat & water balance; relationships between body systems, people and external environments; endocrine system. Heart Protector.







Time when Triple Burner Meridian functioning at peak energy:

9PM – 11PM

Meridian Energy Flow:


Triple Burner Organ Energy Meridian Blend contains the following flower & tree essences:

Note:  Each of these essences are grounded through crystals; Western Red Cedar Tree also has sound imprints. Press the link to the individual essence page for more information.

Cooley's Hedge Nettle - Sorting emotionally from a place of higher consciousness.  Honoring all parties in the dynamic as spirit having a human experience. Initiates the process of the endocrine glands coming into balanced.

Spotted Coral Root Orchid - Harness the fuel created by decomposing old emotional and energetic patterns to transform your moods and body chemistry to higher possibilities.

Valerian - Transforms buried negative emotions, especially anger, and the resulting emotional and hormonal wildfires into beneficial fire and the potential for growth.

Pennyroyal - Cycles through the fight/flight/freeze adrenal gland response and retrains your nervous system to support your higher purpose.

Fireweed - A powerful transformer and healer! Initiates shifting personally and collectively from a male dominant, power over paradigm to a more feminine loving, joyful, nurturing, in-harmony-with-nature paradigm.

Licorice - Works at the energetic level to reduce body inflammation. Brings out your natural sweetness and supports a light joyful presence.

Black Cohosh - Supports a playful approach to physical body changes as you age or your spiritual bodies evolve.

Devil's Club - Provides solace to those who are world-weary. Turns thorns into a healing balm and reconnects you to your spiritual roots.

Lady's Mantle - Brings deep spiritual peace to your whole body and being by balancing the sympathetic nervous system. Calms shock to the heart.

Woodland Strawberry - Transforms negative thinking, worry and anxiety by interrupting the mental/emotional tape loop. Facilitates thinking clearly and feeling authentically.

Self-Heal - Balances and aligns all of the chakras. Increases your ability to downloading high-level spiritual frequencies and integrate them into your physical body without feeling stressed. Facilitates grounding and moving into resonance with the Earth’s heartbeat.

Kinnikinnik - Encourages self-love and opens the back of the heart chakra.

Red Alder tree - Restores healing "nutrients" to the "disturbed soils" of the large & small intestines, reproductive organs and lower back.

Our Lady of Guadalupe - Calibrates the unfolding of the Higher Heart chakra as it conducts higher frequency heart energy into your physical body.

Trillium - Integrates your personal energy into the matrix of the universal All-That-Is

Western Red Cedar Tree - Spiritual spine. Encourages seeing through the veil of illusion with discernment.

Pacific Bleeding Heart - Supports compassion for yourself and others. Wrap your self in the pink light of Divine Love, let go of fear, and be safely at peace in your Heart’s Home.

Red-Osier Dogwood - Cellular body cohesion during your evolutionary process.

San Juan Mugwort - Supports experiencing how spiritual dimensions interface with 3D reality.

Oceanspray - Supports connecting with your lighthearted, jubilant Presence to resolve the undertow of sorrow below the facade of calm and tranquility.

Soapberry - Washes clean a fear of the natural world and encourages you to delight in nature. Clear and balances the back of the 3rd eye chakra, the occipital chakra, the back of the throat chakra and the back of the Higher Heart chakra which aligns physical structure and facilitates information intake through this area.

Grandmother Big Leaf Maple Tree - Encourages you to relax into a sense of complete calm, safety and serenity with Grandmother with outstretched arms surrounding, protecting and nurturing you.

Spirea - Pull down your protections and live from your heart with compassionate equanimity. Balances all of the chakras, the cerebral spinal fluid and the cranial bones after an expansion experience.

Bloodroot - Nudges out genetic lineage patterns to make way for the light of new potential

Energetically Charged in a Crystal Matrix of:

Cavansite – Supports receiving information from higher dimensions, connects you with inner truth, and enhances your ability to communicate that.  It assists you to move into the future with enthusiasm and optimism.

Citrine – Acts as a conduit for bringing Divine energy into form. It supports the endocrine system, encourages proper metabolism and strengthens physical stamina.

Drusy Quartz –Energizes and stabilizes your energy fields.

Nirvana Quartz - Teaches you that situations you experienced as stopping your growth were actually key in tempering your spirit. They helped your unique wisdom to be honed through life’s journey.

Rose Quartz – Encourages gentleness, emotional healing, and uniting with the Divine; it shifts your body from a stress-based physiology to a higher frequency Love-based physiology.

Tiger’s Eye – Assists you to balance the physical with the spiritual in daily life. Balances and strengthens the endocrine system, brings your hormones and biochemistry into balance.


Spray top: 1 or 2 sprays orally 2 or 3 times per day.
Dropper top: 2 or 3 drops 2 or 3 times per day.

Triple Burner Organ Energy Meridian Essence Blend can be used by people who are sensitive to scents because it is made without essential oils.
Click here for more information on the red shiso and vinegar preservative base.

Triple Burner Organ Energy Meridian Blend (30 ml/ 1 ounce bottle):

Product Code: TRI710


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