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Healing to Wholeness – Tree Frog Farm Essences

At Tree Frog Farm we work in partnership with Nature to lovingly craft our flower essences, many of which are made with native plants of the Pacific Northwest. The environmental influences of this region support the gentle, yet deeply transformative quality of our essences. We currently have 137 individual flower essences to choose from. Our Chakra, Organ Energy Meridian, Life Process, and Body Electric System Blends are made in small batches and charged in a crystal matrix. We also make flower essence and aromatherapy misters for those who love the scents! Flower essences themselves do not hold a scent, but rather the vibrational imprint of each flower or tree’s song. To learn more about us and our essences click on any of our links on this page. You can contact us directly as well via email, or give us a call! We would love to answer any questions you have M-F 9-5PM.  

Thank you for your interest in Tree Frog Farm!

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