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I wanted to cover this subject because it was brought up in a conversation recently with a customer, and I needed to think about what would help. She asked which essences would be most helpful for a 12-year-old client referred to her practice by another practitioner recently. They were in a depressive state and struggling to cope with the confines our society places on those who identify as a gender other than the one assigned at birth.

In recent times it has become a more widespread predicament youth are facing, and a subject that needs to be handled with support and understanding rather than fear. Gender Identity is a topic that has been researched and featured in more and more publications, including this one from TED Talks.

The most important aspect necessary for helping young people through the path of self-identity is support and acceptance. Unconditional love is all any of us need from our caregivers. Keep in mind that bouts of depression and teenage angst are a normal part of these transformational years. It helps to have support when the world feels like it’s crashing down around you.

After I spoke with this customer, I began to think about which flower essences would be most helpful for a person who is undergoing not just the hormonal changes that go along with puberty but also in a state of crisis based on identifying as a gender other than the one they had been assigned at birth. A few of the essences came to me right away when I asked for guidance on which would best be suited for those who are in need of the emotional support of flower essences on this subject. I had to dig a little deeper to get the others, but I feel like the essences featured in this flash sale will all be great allies for anyone facing the duality of gender identity.

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Lungwort Essence

Lungwort Essence

Use Lungwort Flower Essence when having difficulty slowing down, connecting with yourself, and finding balance in your life. You may be living as if duality is the only reality. This could show an inability to find harmony between opposites, such as male and female aspects of yourself. You could be unwilling to recognize or accept the influence of “unseen” energies and higher dimensional influences in your daily life. Or you may want to better integrate the “unseen” into everyday life but can’t establish a strong connection.

Most of us operate from a mindset of duality. We tend to focus on right/wrong, yes/no, good/bad, etc., within ourselves and our daily lives. As your two lungs operate in unison, Lungwort Flower Essence helps you integrate opposite aspects of yourself into harmonious living. 

At a deeper level, Lungwort Flower Essence helps you move beyond duality to find balance and harmony between the “unseen and the “seen.” Take a computer, for example. We see the words and images on the screen. Yet, we don’t see the electrons moving through the system, making everything work. And we don’t see the series of zeros and ones underlying the code that makes the program function. A personal example for Diana is sensing the connection with the plant spirit who downloads the unique imprint of Lungwort. She doesn’t see the vibrational download that creates this essence, yet she knows it is happening and when it is finished. At this level, the Lungwort Flower Essence helps you to come into a dynamic harmony with the “unseen” that underlies your daily life.


Black Cohosh Essence

Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh Flower Essence supports a playful approach to physical body changes accompanying aging or the spiritual maturation process. Many of the physical and emotional symptoms that we experience are due to misalignments and miscommunications between parts of the body/mind. Black Cohosh Essence facilitates realignment and improved communication between dimensional layers within the body. For example, the pineal gland (crystalline receptor of higher dimensional information) communicates with the heart (emitter of electromagnetic waves of information) to get a message to the blood (equivalent to lava flow within the earth) that will change the blood chemistry. 

Information also flows instantaneously in waves. As an example, one thought of danger instantly sends a wave through the field of the whole body creating simultaneous emotional, nervous system, and muscular responses throughout the whole body. The Black Cohosh Essence raises the frequency of this instantaneous information to be more in alignment with higher consciousness which helps the body adjust to what our spirit is already experiencing.


Wild Ginger Essence

wild ginger essence

Use Wild Ginger Flower Essence when you close down your heart from the habit of not feeling safe. The constriction fuels many emotions not resonant with higher-frequency feelings and makes it difficult for these lower-frequency emotions to pass through. They build up into a chaotic jumble that becomes a habitual way of engaging in life. 

Wild Ginger Flower Essence transforms this whirl of chaotic emotions, into engaging life from a calm and emotionally stable heart.


Also try our Transform Ease Essence Blend. Helpful in times of personal or physical transformation

and can be used for all types of transitions in life, be it adolescence, pregnancy, or menopause.


Western Columbine Essence

western columbine

Western Columbine Flower Essence encourages expressing your feelings, increases optimism for living, supports building self-confidence and impulses making changes in your life. It encourages you to act from eagerness, interest, excitement and a genuine desire to do what you want to accomplish or change in your life.

Western Columbine Essence works through the Root and Sacral Chakras to instill visceral body confidence. This is the kind of confidence that doesn’t require thought, only engaging your will to take action. Thinking about the process actually gets in the way of your body memory responding – like driving a car, playing a sport or a musical instrument.  


Pacific Bleeding Heart Essence

Devil's Club Flower

Use Pacific Bleeding Heart flower essence when feeling heartbroken and helpless about being trapped in a bad situation or relationship. As well as feeling frustrated and blaming others because they won’t change to improve the situation.

Pacific Bleeding Heart Flower Essence engenders compassion for yourself in challenging situations and relationships. It separates mixed sexual, physical, mental, and emotional heart energies. This helps you see through the stories and realize you are not a victim unless you believe you are. Pacific Bleeding Heart Essence supports you in transforming thinking and emotions about your stories into personal strength and compassion for everyone involved. It brings you to a place of safety and personal peace in your Heart’s Home.


Hardy Fuchsia Essence

Hardy Fuchsia Flower

Use Hardy Fuchsia Flower Essence when you energetically shut down your heart due to fear of being hurt. Protecting your heart by not engaging with others. Separating yourself from others. Helpful when sexuality is divorced from a loving heart.

The heart is the body’s primary electromagnetic field-producing oscillator. Within this heart-generated dynamic electromagnetic field, we live our lives. Healing can occur when we resonate with this field. Hardy Fuchsia Flower Essences aligns you with the resonance of the heart’s electromagnetic field. The imprint of heart experiences that no longer serve you transform into what you want to create in your life. Resistance to opening up to other people gives way to playful vulnerability with appropriate boundaries. You can genuinely own your heart-centered sexuality and feel empowered.  


Osoberry Essence

Osoberry Flower Essence helps you feel rooted in your body with physical stamina during the press of busy days. It helps you to stay calm and flow when your plans don’t work out as you expected. This will enhance your understanding and assist you in setting priorities to accomplish what is most important.

Osoberry Flower Essence encourages self-care to maintain your physical, emotional, and mental well-being during this process.


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