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Rose Essences: More Love & Harmony in Life

Love makes us thrive and the universally recognized symbol of love, adoration, and even friendship is the Rose. In the plant kingdom, roses emanate a vibrational frequency that is stronger, to varying degrees, than that of most other flowers. We are living through a great shift in human consciousness and collectively we have the ability make the shift one towards that of love, peace, and harmony for all life on Earth, simply by opening our hearts.

The rose essences featured in this flash sale are just the right heart-centered and supportive allies we need! They will only be on special until Monday, so don’t wait!

In Love & Gratitude, Rhaychell

Clustered Wild Rose Essence

Clustered Wild Rose Flower EssenceEngenders strong, heartfelt, compassionate, purposeful, and directed soft feminine energy. Supports you within the collective world consciousness by embodying a more gentle and compassionate way of life.

Dwarf Wild Rose Essence

Dwarf Wild Rose Flower Essence – Works through the cerebral spinal fluid shifting wave patterns that perpetuate emotional, mental, and body habits that are no longer useful. Teaches new wave patterns that support more ease in being centered, grounded and balanced with mental clarity and emotional peace.

Fairy Rose Essence

Fairy Rose Flower Essence – From a clear and open heart, live ‘Love of the Divine Feminine’. Engage, communicate, and work with like-minded friends for a spiritually focused purpose with unconditional love for each other. With gratitude, sing the sweet songs of joy, love, and peace. 

Outrageous Rose Essence

Outrageous Rose Flower Essence Assists experiencing balance and harmony in your life by working through the energetic circuitry of the brain that balances intellectual and emotional functions.

Tropical Sunset Rose Essence

Tropical Sunset Rose Flower Essence Facilitates heartfelt communication flowing within yourself, and in between you, everyone, and everything. Helpful for when you want to get your energy “out there” and receive back information to support creating what you want.

Nootka Wild Rose Essence

Nootka Wild Rose Flower Essence – Like the buds of Nootka Rose open, so can your heart blossom into Divine Love and Gratitude in your life by aligning your Heart Chakra to that of the World and Universal Hearts.

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