Mid-May 2020: All Chakra Blends

We are so excited to introduce the new Set of 8 Chakras Blends! I wasn’t planning this when I put out the last newsletter. However, our 8-pack boxes finally arrived, and this seems like a good time to offer a boost to everyone by aligning your chakras during this coronavirus stay at home mandate.

Chakras are wheel shaped vortexes of energy where consciousness and matter meet. During daily challenges, chakras can become clogged and sluggish affecting your health and vitality. When they are open and clear you experience vibrant health and aliveness. It much more pleasant to feel good while being stuck at home.

In addition to the new Set, each of the Chakra Blends is on special too. I am also offering three individual flower essences – Chocolate Lily, Kinnikinnik and White Yarrow. Chocolate Lily from the Root Chakra Blend helps you stay grounded, Kinnikinnik from the Heart Chakra Blend encourages you to gently snuggle into open-hearted love for yourself, and White Yarrow from the Crown Chakra Blend keeps you connected to the higher frequency white light during these challenging times. All of these are on special through Mid-June.

Check out the savings!! The $108 price of the Set of 8 Chakra Blends is 10% off of purchasing all of the Chakra Blends at full price. During this introductory offer the sale price is $100.50, an additional 7% off. Take advantage of this opportunity while it lasts!

Photo:  Set of 8 Chakra Blends

Experience vibrant aliveness and have a pleasant stay at home by keeping your chakras open and clear.

Set of 8 Chakra Flower Essence Blends


Introducing our new Box Set!

The Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye Chakra, Crown and Unified Spirit and Wholeness Flower Essence Blends are now available in an 8-pack storage box that is convenient for storage, travel and as starter set. Suggested use and care information is on the inside of the box top. Click on the picture link for more information.

All Chakra Flower Essence Blends

For more information about the chakra blends, click on the picture link above or any of the name links below.

Root Chakra: Use the Root Chakra Essence Blend when you experience shock, fear for physical safety, the fight/flight/freeze response leading to panic, living in the past with an inability to release memories and fear of scarcity. 

Survival, being grounded, and unity within family, tribe, group and collective consciousness are the main themes of the Root Chakra that are supported by the Root Chakra Essence Blend.

Sacral Chakra: Use the Sacral Chakra Essence Blend when you experience low self-esteem, taking things personally, anger, guilt, regret and being emotionally dependent.

Emotions, duality of self vs. other, cooperation vs. competition, and physical empowerment are the main themes of the Sacral Chakra that are supported by the Sacral Chakra Flower Essence Blend.

Solar Plexus Chakra: Use the Solar Plexus Chakra Essence Blend when you experience mind chatter, obsessive unfocused thinking, brain fog, habits of inertia and procrastination. Common emotions are worry, anxiety, anger, shame, disappointment, envy and jealousy.

Calming mind chatter, using higher thinking to regulate emotions, engaging will and sustaining energy to create and manifest are the main themes of the Solar Plexus Chakra that are supported by the Solar Plexus Chakra Flower Essence Blend.  

Heart Chakra: Use the Heart Chakra Essence Blend when you shut off feelings, become emotionally disabled and self-destructive. Common emotions are sadness, grief, sorrow, feeling bereft or heartbroken.

Love, compassion, equanimity and peace are the main themes of the Heart Chakra. The web of life held together with love unifies spirit and matter creating balance and wholeness. Breath of life, prana. All of these are supported by the Heart Chakra Essence Blend.

Throat Chakra: Use the Throat Chakra Essence Blend when you experience difficulty expressing truth and feelings, have a habit of thinking or speaking negatively about self and others, are unable to clearly think and verbalize what you want to create.

Communication, creativity through sound, vibrational resonance and clairaudience are the main themes of the Throat Chakra that are supported by the Throat Chakra Flower Essence.

Third Eye Chakra: Use the Third Eye Chakra Essence Blend when you relate only to the physical world to the exclusion of anything non-physical or, alternately, want to live only from what you see as spiritual. Useful when you are having difficulty interpreting what you see during psychic openings, meditation or journeying, or when ordinary and etheric realities intertwine.

Sight, insight, experiencing beyond time and space, precognition, creative visualization, clairvoyance and safely opening your etheric sight are the main themes of the Third Eye Chakra, aka Brow Chakra, that are supported by the Third Eye Chakra Flower Essence Blend. 

Crown Chakra: Use the Crown Chakra Essence Blend when you experience headaches, alienation, boredom, apathy and inability to learn because the Crown Chakra is too closed. Use the Crown Chakra Essence Blend when you experience being detached from the world, dizziness and mental disorders because the Crown Chakra is too open.

Consciousness, higher thought, selflessness, integrity, wisdom, spiritual awareness and non-duality are main themes of the Crown Chakra supported by the Crown Chakra Essence Blend.

Unified Spirit and Wholeness, 15 Chakras: Use Unified Spirit and Wholeness Essence Blend when you want to experience grounded spiritual illumination. It is helpful when you want to feel brighter and fully engaged with yourself, and when you want internal peace and to live with higher awareness. It inspires expansive, heart-centered, practical action as you walk in your soul’s purpose and helps you feel integrated as a whole human being. 

Chocolate Lily Flower Essence

Use Chocolate Lily Flower Essence when you feel untethered and disconnected from Earth. Useful for imbalances of the Root Chakra and Earth Chakra like disconnection from your body, difficulty with daily tasks, feeling unsafe and insecure within yourself and with other people, lack of or rigid boundaries, and financial insecurity. Affects misalignment in the lower spine and hips that holds old anger or structural tension. Chocolate Lily Flower Essence is also useful when you have difficultly downloading and interpreting information from your spiritual Guidance.

Chocolate Lily Flower Essence connects the Crown Chakra with the Root Chakra and aligns the positive and negative poles of iron in the human blood to facilitate receiving and clearly interpreting multi-dimensional information. It connects you to the Earth Chakra and the Center of the Earth to bring earth energies up into the base of the spine. It also loosens anger and structural tension in the pelvic/hip area.

As Chocolate Lily Flower Essence says of itself:

I AM deeply rooted through my spine into the Mother Earth and receive clear multi-dimensional guidance.

For more information about Chocolate Lily Flower Essence, the spirit song coming through Diana’s voice and the crystals that energetically grounded this essence – amber, drusy quartz, galena, garnet (almandine), icosahedron cut quartz, pyrite, smokey quartz, spirit quartz and tiger’s eye – click on the picture link.

Kinnikinnik Flower Essence

Use Kinnikinnik Flower Essence when you lose your connection to unconditional love for yourself and others. Life feels dull and constricted. Lack of self-love can lead to many conditions including addictions, heart disease and auto-immune disorders.

Kinnikinnik Flower Essence gently opens the back of the heart chakra and encourages you to gently snuggle into unconditional love for yourself. It instills the will to open-heartedly accept and love others, which leads to a vibrant, expansive life.

As Kinnikinnik Flower Essence says of itself:

I AM ease with unconditionally loving myself and others.

For more information about Kinnikinnik Flower Essence, the imprint of rattle and spirit song coming through Diana’s voice, and the crystals that energetically grounded this essence – amber, adamite, amethyst, drusy quartz, icosahedron cut quartz, mangano calcite, morganite, pink cobalto calcite (clear), quartz points, rhodochrosite, rhodonite, and rose quartz – click on the picture link.

White Yarrow Flower Essence

Use White Yarrow Flower Essence when you feel weak around the edges, when you sense you need better boundary and energetic protection. Or when you want to resonate at the White Light frequencies, think and respond from that higher perspective. Helpful when you experience discomfort during the process of integrating higher dimensional energies due to dissonance from misaligned frequencies.

White Yarrow Flower Essence sets up a spherical field of white translucent protection at the boundaries of your energy fields. As the frequency of White Yarrow Flower Essence moves in through the crown chakra, it gently wraps the energy circuits of your brain then the energy circuits of your central nervous system with these higher White Light frequencies. This affects the way you process information, think and respond to stimuli. White Yarrow Flower Essence will assist you to access the highest multidimensional White Light creative energy you are ready to integrate.

As White Yarrow Flower Essence says of itself:

I AM high resonance White Light for clear and healthy energy fields and body.

For more information about White Yarrow Flower Essence, spirit song coming through Diana’s voice and the crystals that energetically grounded this essence – amber, azeztulite, drusy quartz, Herkimer diamond, Himalayan quartz, icosahedron cut quartz, Lemurian seed crystal, Jeffrey quartz and Tibetan black quartz – click on the picture link.

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