Mid-May 2021: New! 1 oz Individual Flower Essences!

1 oz flower essences

We’ve noticed that customers often purchase 2 half-ounce bottles of the same essence. Starting today you can save money and get twice as much!

Now you can purchase any of our 136 individual flower essences in a 1 oz size and save big! Double the amount of essence for $18.95, for just $6 more! Essences in the shiso base can be purchased with either a convenient spray top or a dropper top. Essences in the brandy base will have a dropper top.

We’re excited about this! Let us know what you think.

Spring Wood

Spring is the season of the Wood Element. The color is green, and the associated emotion is anger.

Practice shifting anger and its family of emotions- bitterness, resentment and rage to name a few – into empowered self-worth by telling yourself how much you love yourself. After doing it a while you will actually believe it! The below flower essences are a great ally in this process.

Liver Organ Energy Meridian Blend

Use the Liver Organ Energy Meridian Essence Blend when you experience anger turned in on yourself, being self-critical, living as a victim, or acting out addictions. Liver imbalance can be express as fuzzy, confused thinking.

The Liver Organ Blend supports you to speak your truth and use anger as motivation for change. It facilitates clear thinking in the role the liver plays as the big picture planner, organizer and implementer.

For more information about the Liver Organ Energy Meridian Blend, the flower and tree essences in it, and the crystals that energetically grounded it – black tourmaline, charoite, drusy quartz, red aventurine, smokey quartz with citrine, and sugilite – click on the picture.

Large Intestine Organ Energy Meridian Blend

The Large Intestine Organ Energy Meridian Blend supports the large intestine in its job of the final sorting and elimination of what isn’t useful. It unblocks stagnation and rigidity allowing flexibility, movement, and change.

Use Large Intestine Organ Energy Essence Blend when you experience holding onto old stuff, feeling guilt or regret, thinking you or situations are never good enough. It activates letting of what is no longer useful on any level in your life – attitudes like not good enough, emotions like old grief or guilt, an old self-image, or relationships that do not honor your worth.

For more information about the Large Organ Energy Meridian Blend and the drusy quartz, fire agate, Lemurian seed crystal, moldavite, peridot, opaque pink calcite, and rhodochrosite crystals that energetically charged it – click on the picture.

Solar Plexus Chakra Essence Blend

When the Solar Plexus Chakra is open and active higher quality thinking regulates emotions, so you can think clearly and feel authentically. This encourages emotional empowerment, joy and wonder in daily life. A healthy sense of autonomy, self-reliant and self-directed personal power stimulates trust in your “gut intuition,” the energy to engage your will and to manifest from your innate sunny disposition through cooperation with others.

Use Solar Plexus Chakra Blend when you feel anger, shame, worry, anxiety, disappointment, envy or jealousy. You may try to make up for feeling powerless by wielding power over others. Being self-critical and judging others is common when the Solar Plexus Chakra is clouded and sluggish. This can lead to attitudes like “I’m not good enough because…”

The Solar Plexus Chakra Essence supports the healthy functioning of the Solar Plexus Chakra.

For more information about the Solar Plexus Chakra Essence Blend, the flower and tree essences in it and the amber, citrine, drusy quartz, yellow calcite, golden topaz and sunstones that energetically charged it – click on the picture.

Burdock Flower Essence

Use Burdock Flower Essence when you are caught up in deep old anger. Although the anger may be triggered by a current person/situation, the origin for the anger is from a wound earlier in this life or a past life. The “burdock kind of anger” may be turned inward toward yourself, but typically it is turned outward toward someone or a situation.

This anger may also be related to an experience of grief or loss. Burdock Flower Essence removes emotional patterns of anger stuck in your energy fields and body. Burdock Flower Essence also encourages you to nourish yourself and enjoy life.

As Burdock Flower Essence says of itself: 

I AM release of stuck suppressed anger.

For more information about Burdock Flower Essence, imprint of spirit song coming through Diana’s voice and the crystals that energetically grounded this essence – amber, angel wing, black tourmaline, charoite, chrysoprase, drusy quartz, golden labradorite, icosahedron cut quartz – click on the picture.

Blue Vervain Flower Essence

Use Vervain Flower Essence to calm agitated outbursts of anger and bitterness. These emotions are often a secondary response to a misalignment between your heart and your life purpose.

When your beliefs about yourself are not in agreement with what you chose as a soul to fulfill for this lifetime, an interference pattern is set up. This disrupts communication between your Higher Self, Emotional Self and Physical Self. This interference pattern lowers the hertz at which your body/mind resonates, leading to the angry, bitter, irritable emotional state, and a wide variety of physical illnesses.

Blue Vervain Flower Essence disrupts the interference pattern and realigns the three selves. This shifts your emotional state to one of “sweet calm,” and provides the support system to reconnect your heart with your life purpose.

As Blue Vervain flower essence says of itself:

I AM sweet calm emanating from a heart aligned with my life purpose.

For more information about Blue Vervain Flower Essence and the crystals that energetically grounded this essence – amber, amethyst, blue quartz, blue topaz, drusy quartz, icosahedron quartz, lapis, red jasper and sodalite – click on the picture.

Vine Maple Tree Flower Essence

Vine Maple Tree Flower Essence is helpful when the internal critic takes hold and keeps you locked in doubt and repetitive thinking. Often these feelings, locked in by the ways you think and talk to yourself, are underneath addictive and self-dis empowering behaviors.

Vine Maple Essence is effective when you want to leave self-critical conditioning and victimized thinking behind so you can offer your unique Self and your unique gifts to the world. It assists you to retrain your thinking patterns into self-honoring and self-loving patterns. The way you think about yourself and talk to your internal self is the first step toward empowering your life and manifesting your true Self.

There is a tenderness and self-love aspect to this essence. This essence instills a feeling of trust that things will work out.

As Vine Maple Tree Essence says of itself:

I AM empowered through self-love to honor and respect myself.

For more information about Vine Maple Tree Flower Essence and the amber, amethyst, charoite, drusy quartz, garnet, icosahedron cut quartz, lapis, red aventurine, smokey quartz, and white and red stilbite crystals that energetically grounded this essence – click on the picture.

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