December 2004: Winter’s Returning of the Light

After weeks of growing darkness, the daylight will begin to return in the northern hemisphere . It is a time in nature for slowing down, retreat and renewal. In our temperate marine climate at Tree Frog Farm, most of our plants appear dormant, but they are active beneath the soil surface, building new root structure and preparing for the coming sunlight.

Returning of the Light

For thousands of years, people have honored this event in many ways – Hanukkah, Christmas, Ramadan, Yule, Return of the Sun God, Bodhi Day. We wish to honor all ways of celebrating the returning light by offering our Angels of Light aromatherapy/flower essence mister sprays at a 10% discount this month.

Our one ounce pump mister sprays are in a base of aloe vera and water and can be used as a refreshing facial spray or to clear and reenergize the air in a room. Flower essences convey the spiritual nature of the plant and go to whatever is underneath the presenting situation or symptom. Essential oils work through the emotional subtle body and the brain where impressions of emotions are retained.

Angels of Light Mister has a predominately lavender scent with a touch of orange and thyme – helps you feel calm, relaxed and aligned with higher energies. It helps you to release from worry and fear, and let your spirit soar while helping you be lighthearted and grounded. Because all of the essential oils have antimicrobial properties, it is especially effective during times of illness, dis-ease. Also, it provides protection by strengthening your personal boundaries. The following is a list of ingredients:

Flower Essences

Comfrey – Aids in the healing of wounds so deep and traumatic that they affect your soul’s journey.

Lady’s Mantle – Brings deep spiritual peace to your whole body and being. Balances the sympathetic nervous system.

White Yarrow – Protection and integration. Sets up a spherical field of white translucent protection. Integrates higher vibrational influences into the central nervous system.

Essential Oils

Lavender – Brings inner calm, peace of mind and freedom from emotional and mental stress. Antiseptic & antibacterial. Strengthens the perimeters of your personal boundaries

Bitter Orange – Brings peace and happiness for the mind, body and spirit. Antimicrobial.

Thyme – Helps reclaim a childlike sense of fun, brings courage and protection against danger. Antimicrobial and antiseptic.

Four Mister Gift Box

We are also offering a holiday only special to our email subscribers of any four from our seven aromatherapy / flower essence mister sprays in a complementary gift box for$45.00, a 10% discount.

All of us at Tree Frog Farm hope that your Holiday season is holy and blessed in whatever tradition you honor. We are happy to be available to answer your questions about our products during our regular business hours – Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm Pacific Time.